Where America's Racist Tweets Come From

The day after Barack Obama won a second term as president of the United States, the blog Jezebel published a slideshow. The gallery displayed a collection of screen-capped tweets. Among them was this:

There were, both shockingly and unsurprisingly, many more where that came from. And many of those tweets were geocoded: Embedded in them were data about where in the U.S. they were sent from.

Twitter declares war on racism

The Twitter micro blog service is taking measures to fight racism and trolling on the platform. Abusive comments will be hidden. The company’s Chief executive Dick Costolo told the Financial Times that the scale of hate speech, abusive and insulting messages is intimidating. Twitter will fight trollers and hate instigators by hiding their messages if their accounts have no followers, user information or user picture.


Twitter has filed a motion to block a court order demanding it turn over user information in a battle involving an Occupy protester, which could shape the future of First Amendment and Fourth Amendment rights on the Internet. A New York state court had ordered the San Francisco-based social-networking site to release the activity of a Twitter user named Malcolm Harris.