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Neo-Nazi arrested in Germany

German police arrested a man on Sunday they suspect of assisting in six murders and one attempted murder committed by a neo-Nazi cell uncovered last month, a case that has renewed debate about banning a far-right party.

Prosecutors said the 36-year old, named as Matthias D., was arrested in the early morning at his home in Erzgebirgskreis, an area in the eastern state of Saxony. Police were now searching three flats in the area, including the suspect's and another possible female supporter.

A Pogromly neo-Nazi board game.

Armed neo-Nazi scene embraces violence

The rise of the National Socialist Underground (NSU) has focused attention on Germany's neo-Nazi scene, which experts say includes violent militant cells with professional weapons training. Ben Knight reports.
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German security agents say bureaucracy hinders fight against far-right

"Only 10 percent of all information procured from confidential informants is really stunning," said a former employee with the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Germany's internal security agency, who worked for many years at the middle-management level. He asked that he not be named. Even after his time in active service, he is bound to secrecy surrounding his work.

Neo-Nazi ties to far-right party probed

The report by public broadcaster ARD's show Report Mainz on Tuesday night revealed that there was clear evidence of ties between the extremist party and groups like the Sturm 34 neo-Nazi organisation, which was banned in 2007. More than a quarter of its so-called “hard core” members were also part of the NPD, the television network reported, citing court records and other research.

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Shocked Germany vows to fight neo-Nazis after murders

LEIPZIG/BERLIN - Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives urged her on Tuesday to step up the fight against right-wing extremists following the chance discovery that a group of neo-Nazis had been murdering immigrants for years.

Merkel has described as a national disgrace the existence of a cell, called the National Socialist Underground, whose members are now suspected of killing between 2000 and 2007 at least nine immigrants, eight Turks and a Greek, and a police woman.