Four Myths and Facts about Roma Refugees in Canada

The public discourse surrounding Roma refugees is one full of misconceptions about the Canadian refugee system and the status of Roma, both in their countries of origin and the European Union. Here are four frequently cited myths about the issue, all claimed by Jason Kenney directly in this video, and the actual facts:

Myth: While it is hard for Roma people in Europe, “the Refugee Convention is not there to protect people if they are having a tough time at home”. They do not reach the level of Convention refugees.

Doctors stage sit-in over refugee health care cuts

About 80 doctors staged a sit-in at the Toronto office of federal cabinet minister Joe Oliver Friday, with the activists demanding to meet with the minister to raise concerns about changes to health care for refugees and refugee claimants.

"I just cannot understand how my government can take the most vulnerable of people and decide it's appropriate to make them more vulnerable," said Dr. Paul Caulford, a Scarborough, Ont., family physician, who has worked with immigrants and refugees for decades.

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