BBC Video - Stadium of Hate

This video from the BBC is one of the most horrifying contemporary clips we have ever seen. In it we witness the growing re-fascistization of Eastern Europe and the devolution of western civilization as the authorities look on, do nothing, and claim they saw nothing. This video was made in 2012. This clip is long - please watch the whole thing and share it. And then no one can say they didn't know.


Greek party most extreme of Europe's far right

Twenty-one members of Golden Dawn were sworn into Greece's Parliament on Thursday, making it arguably the most far-right party to enter a European national legislature since Nazi-era Germany.

Doctors stage sit-in over refugee health care cuts

About 80 doctors staged a sit-in at the Toronto office of federal cabinet minister Joe Oliver Friday, with the activists demanding to meet with the minister to raise concerns about changes to health care for refugees and refugee claimants.

"I just cannot understand how my government can take the most vulnerable of people and decide it's appropriate to make them more vulnerable," said Dr. Paul Caulford, a Scarborough, Ont., family physician, who has worked with immigrants and refugees for decades.

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Be afraid, exultant Greek neo-Nazis warn

Greek neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn warned rivals and reformers Sunday that "the time for fear has come" after exit polls showed them securing their entry in parliament for the first time in nearly 40 years.
"The time for fear has come for those who betrayed this homeland," Golden Dawn leader Nikos Michaloliakos told a news conference at an Athens hotel, flanked by menacing shaven-headed young men.

"We are coming," the 55-year-old said as supporters threw firecrackers outside.

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RIGHT-WING EXTREMISM: Neo-Nazi attacks on the rise in western Germany

Scenes from near Nuremberg in Bavaria: Right-wing extremists threaten some young Kurds, shouting, "Get out you damned Turks!" Then several neo-Nazis attack the group, brutally beating up the migrants. One young man sustains severe injuries, falls into a coma and only barely survives.

On a different occasion some youths hold a vigil for the victims of right-wing extremism. They hold up banners saying "Fascism - never again." Suddenly they are bombarded with fireworks by a group of masked people. Later the youth center is daubed with swastikas and the threat: "We will get you all!"

Analysis: Secretive far-right party taps into Greeks' anger, fear

(Reuters) - In the port of Piraeus, dozens of young men with shaven heads and black t-shirts packed a small room one evening to hear Golden Dawn's dream of a Greece purged of foreigners, its borders sealed with landmines.

"We want all illegal immigrants out, we want to take their stench out of this place," said Frangiscos Porihis, an election candidate for the ultra-nationalist and highly secretive party.

"They shouldn't be here and they will leave one way or the other - the good or the bad way," he told the Piraeus meeting.

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Domestic Terrorism: Not Radicalized Islam

Due to the erroneous stereotyping of Muslims, intelligence agencies and government leaders in the West have targeted Muslims as the main terrorist threat. One western leader (Stephen Harper of the Conservative Party of Canada) blames terrorism on "islamicization".
This section provides links to reports of domestic terrorism NOT the result of Radicialized Islam. We are building the links. Please help by contributing links and/or commentary. It's the least we can do.