Thousands protest extreme-right ball in Vienna

VIENNA (AFP)---As many as 4,000 anti-fascist demonstrators gathered in Vienna late Friday, organisers said, to protest against a ball attended by European extreme-right figures including France's Marine Le Pen.

Accompanied by a large police presence, two groups of protestors marched along different routes and converged at Heldenplatz outside the Hofburg palace where the Wiener Korporationsring (WKR) ball was taking place.

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German panels to study how police overlooked neo-Nazi group

Berlin - Two parliamentary inquiries will investigate why 34 separate German police and intelligence agencies were unable to get solid leads on a murderous neo-Nazi gang that killed 10 people before it collapsed last year, lawmakers voted Thursday.

A November suicide of two bank robbers led police to the eventual realization that the men - along with a female accomplice who is under arrest - had made up a right-wing group that was responsible for a series of murders of immigrants starting in 2000.

Legal setback for Ontario aboriginals taken from their families during the “Sixties Scoop”

The federal government has won its appeal in Divisional Court against a class-action lawsuit on behalf of 16,000 aboriginal children taken from reserves in Ontario in what’s known as the “Sixties

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Video: Police drag Australian PM from restaurant during protest

CANBERRA, Australia - Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard stumbled and was caught by a security guard as riot police helped her force a path through a crowd of rowdy protesters following a ceremony to mark Australia's national day Thursday.

She appeared distressed as she was pulled away from the protesters but was unharmed. She later remarked that she was made of “pretty tough stuff” and commended police for their actions.