The climate crisis isn’t just causing extreme weather. It’s fuelling extreme politics, too

The far right is exploiting divisions created by climate breakdown. This must be challenged

In the past three weeks, we took the pulse of citizens in eight countries in the Americas and western Europe whose governments will prove critically important to global efforts to tackle the climate emergency.

Facebook bans do not equate to restrictions on free speech

"There seems to be a fundamental misunderstanding in some circles of what freedom of speech is actually about. Goldy and her friends are not being silenced, but some of their venues are rejecting them. It’s not particularly different from someone being allowed to speak their mind outside of one’s home, but not be invited into the kitchen to hold forth."

Talking to Radio NL host Brett Mineer about so-called Yellow Vest protestors in Kamloops threatening him and his family

Talking to Radio NL host Brett Mineer about so-called Yellow Vest protestors in Kamloops threatening him and his family.

After tweeting about the Yellow Vests, Mineer received over 800 messages, overwhelmingly from Alberta and Ontario, which threatened his family and detailing how he should be murdered. In this interview (9:45), he discusses the threats and shows, for example, how much of the Yellow Vests Canada rhetoric aligns with Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer's criticisms of the UN Migration Pact. Mineer notes that Scheer is playing with fire. Indeed!

Harper, Trudeau try to quiet the rhetoric

Prime Min­is­ter Stephen Harper de­fended his gov­ern­ment’s stand by quot­ing mod­er­ate Mus­lim or­ga­ni­za­tions that sup­portthe gov­ern­ment’s po­si­tion on the niqab. He used in­flam­ma­tory lan­guage to il­lus­trate his point, John Ivi­son writes.

Adam Smith once said the real and ef­fec­tive dis­ci­pline ex­er­cised over a work­man is that of his cus­tomers — it’s fear of los­ing their cus­tom that “re­strains his frauds and cor­rects his neg­li­gence.”

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Harper and Trudeau: At the very least, we ex­pect them not to make things worse

It has been a dis­tress­ing spec­ta­cle all round. It isn’t that our politi­cians have not been “de­bat­ing” the “is­sues.” By now we have a fair idea of where they all stand on the threat of ter­ror­ism and how a free and demo­cratic so­ci­ety should re­spond to it. Nor can any­one com­plain that the ques­tion of how to rec­on­cile re­li­gious obli­ga­tions and in­di­vid­ual rights, di­ver­sity and unity, has not re­ceived a thor­ough air­ing. I would even go so far as to say there have been valid points made on all sides.

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2 Oklahoma Students Seen In Racist Fraternity Video Apologize

Two men who were in a video of Sigma Alpha Epsilon members singing a racist chant have apologized for their actions, with one of the now-former fraternity brothers saying he had learned "a devastating lesson."

The University of Oklahoma expelled two leaders of the chant Tuesday, without naming them publicly. The singing happened "as members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon rode in buses to a party at the Oklahoma City Golf & Country Club to celebrate the fraternity's founding," according to The Oklahoman.