What Canada can learn from the Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting

Canadians disturbed by white supremacist Wade Michael Page's shooting rampage at a Wisconsin Sikh temple that killed seven people on August 5 should be worried about what could happen in Canada, says an anti-racism expert who has tracked white supremacist groups in Canada for over twenty years.

Alan Dutton, co-founder of the Canadian Anti-racism Education and Research Society (CAERS) and and member of the Stop Racism and Hate Collective, said that Canadians ought to be more aware of the state of hate crime monitoring in their own backyard.

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Demonizing Muslims: To what end?

Take a look at the Canadian cases of Maclean's magazine and columnist Mark Steyn, and the Sun Media chain and both Geert Wilders and Ann Coulter. All three warn of the imminent Muslim threat to civilization – that’s good old us, of course – and demonize an entire religion and its adherents by effectively lumping together all the world’s 1.5 billion Muslims as one homogeneous, monolithic, looming, existential menace. Never mind that Muslims live in every country on earth and are divided by sect, nationality, class, language, religious practice, ideology and race.

Stop the ridicule: Adrian Dix is right on the money

Many of B.C.'s top political commentators are highly critical of new BC NDP leader Adrian Dix, portraying him as an old school radical who doesn't understand the workings of the global economy. Michael Smyth (Vancouver Province) calls him a "dour Stalinist," while Tom Fletcher (Black Press) tells us his "rhetoric about state-imposed wealth redistribution seems not so much alarming as quaint."

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