Stephen Harper’s “Northern Foundation”, Stephen Harper was a member of the ultra-right-wing Northern Foundation

February 10th, 2015

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US House approves measure blocking training of neo-Nazi militia in Ukraine

The House of Representatives approved an amendment to the 2016 Pentagon budget last week that blocks US training of members of the Ukrainian paramilitary Azov Battalion because of its neo-Nazi character. The measure, which was put forward by Democratic Representative John Conyers and Republican Representative Ted Yoho, is stark admission by Congress that the Obama administration has been backing fascist forces in Ukraine.

Canadian Judge Strikes Down Bequest Left to Neo-Nazi National Alliance

A Canadian court today struck down a bequest valued at about $220,000 that was left by a citizen of that country to the National Alliance (NA), a neo-Nazi group based in the United States that has long promoted violence against minorities. The presiding judge found that the bequest violated Canadian law and public policy.

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Golden Dawn: courage of two women stems the rise of Greece's neo-Nazis

For half a year they have sat in their seventh-floor office, probing the murky depths of Europe’s most violent political force. It is not a mission that many would envy. But Ioanna Klapa and Maria Dimitropoulou, long-time friends who belong to Greece’s first generation of female judges, have gone about the business of dissecting Golden Dawn with the precision of a surgeon.

NSU: Hairdresser's health card under the spotlight in neo-Nazi trial (Germany)

There was a change of plans in the trial on Tuesday, with testimony initially expected to come from Brigitte Böhnhardt, the mother of one of the now-deceased men who allegedly killed eight Turks, a G

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Italy’s extreme right-wing on the rise

Milan's Piazza Loreto is a traffic hub, a roundabout with a patch of grass in the middle. It's not very pretty, but all Italians know the spot from World War II. It's where resistance fighters hung the corpse of fascist dictator Benito Mussolini. But since then, Mussolini has re-appeared - time and again he appears near the top of lists ranking Italy's greatest statesmen. Mussolini supporters can not only be found in neo-Nazi groups but also in conservative clusters of the population. Tommaso Pini is just one of the many Mussolini supporters.

Late support for neo-Nazi bomb attack victims

At 4 p.m. on June 9 2004, an explosion shattered a street in the Mülheim district of Cologne. Most of the people who lived and worked on the street, Keupstrasse, were immigrants from Turkey. At least 22 of them were injured, some of them seriously, by a nail-bomb left on a bicycle in front of a hairdresser's shop. Germany's interior minister at that time, Otto Schily, was quick to rule out a terrorist motive for the attack. One day after the attack, he said that the investigation pointed to a criminal background.