Palestinian War Will Be Won in the Global Arena

Senior Political Analyst, Aijaz Ahmad analyses the events unfolding in Gaza. He argues that Israel’s main aim is mass exodus of Palestinians from Gaza as well as greater annexation of the West Bank, and terms the current situation in Gaza as the beginning of a “new Nakba”. Calling the Palestinian people as “the great heroes of our time”, he says that their resistance and the global scale of anti-Israel protests will win the war in their favour.

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Gwynne Dyer: Why Hamas does not want a cease-fire in Gaza—yet

YOU CAN SEE why Hamas doesn’t want a cease-fire in Gaza yet. It is continuing the fight in the hope that international outrage at the huge loss of people being killed by Israel’s massive firepower will somehow, eventually, force Israel to give it what it wants.

Hamas would be quite willing to give up firing its pathetic rockets, which have so far killed a grand total of three civilians in Israel—if Israel ends its seven-year blockade of the Gaza Strip. Dream on.


Elizabeth May Disagrees With Green Party President's Pro-Israel Blog Post

Elizabeth May says a controversial blog on the Gaza conflict, written by the president of the Green Party of Canada and posted to its official website, conflicts with the party's position on the crisis.

On Friday, an article by Paul Estrin — Why Gaza Makes Me Sad — was posted to the blogs section of the Green Party website and shared on his official Facebook page.

An Old Hatred Returns By Europe's Back Door

In mid-August, as London's neighbourhoods underwent violence, looting and fire, France's Jews looked on with a familiar disquiet. Jews were in no sense the target of this summer's rioting, but a decade ago, something similar went wrong on the streets of Paris that has not been put right since. The present era of European street violence began with widespread assaults on Jews around Paris in the autumn of 2000, the year of the so-called "second intifada" in Israel.