Immigration Minister Jason Kenney besieged by critics during BC visit

By the time Jason Kenney began his speech yesterday morning in Surrey, the Citizenship and Immigration minister had been confronted at least four times during his short B.C. visit -- lambasted by critics he retorted were "extremists" and "anarchists."

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Why Jason Kenney getting an award for 'diversity' only reinforces discrimination

Conservative minister Jason Kenney is to receive an award for "diversity" from the Jewish National Fund (JNF) in London, Ontario this Sunday. It is hard to say which does more harm to the true values of diversity: the "honouring" organization or the politician being "honoured."

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Changes to immigration policy could transform society

Have you noticed how common it has become to talk about replacing workers with even cheaper workers? If you’re looking over your shoulder, you’re not paranoid; you’re paying attention. There’s probably a cheaper you out there. And in Canada, the feds are helping your boss find them.

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