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Crimes motivated by hate: Edmonton police

The hate crimes unit of Edmonton Police has laid numerous charges against four men who allegedly assaulted two men and a woman and made hateful comments against others in a rampage on Whyte Avenue last month.

Police say the men — who range from 18 to 32 years in age and are from Edmonton — also distributed flyers on Whyte Avenue and at the Churchill LRT station about a white supremacist rally scheduled to take place in Calgary this month.

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Germany bans its biggest neo-Nazi group

BERLIN (Reuters) - Germany has banned its largest neo-Nazi association, the HNG, which supports prisoners with far-right views and their families, the Interior Ministry said on Wednesday, the government's latest step to curb the influence of radical groups.

The Help Organization for National Political Prisoners and their Families (HNG) is, say German authorities, a threat to society and works against the constitution.


Governments have a tendency to dismiss extreme-right terrorists as crazed loners.” The words ring as true in the aftermath of the Oslo attacks as in 1999 when they were penned by Stieg Larsson. The Swedish crime writer would gain worldwide fame after his untimely death in 2004, but at that time he was a passionate journalist at the Swedish anti-racist magazine Expo. The year 1999 was to be forever remembered in Sweden as a brutal awakening to the violent capacity of the extreme right. On May 28th, neo-Nazi bank robbers murdered two police officers by shooting them at close range.