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Youtube and the vortex of hate

Video-sharing platform accused of giving voice to hate groups.

Sites like Gab rely on Youtube as a media archive for hate and conspiracy content... Videos are often used as 'evidence' in debates. 

"Yet Youtube blocks anti-racist content from anti-racist organizations while givcing space to fascists," said Alan Dutton of the Canadian Anti-racism Education and Research Society, commenting on the Washington Post report.  

BBC Video - Stadium of Hate

This video from the BBC is one of the most horrifying contemporary clips we have ever seen. In it we witness the growing re-fascistization of Eastern Europe and the devolution of western civilization as the authorities look on, do nothing, and claim they saw nothing. This video was made in 2012. This clip is long - please watch the whole thing and share it. And then no one can say they didn't know.


Don't be fooled. Europe's racists are not discerning

On Saturday, in the Danish city of Aarhus, a Europe-wide rally organised by the English Defence League will try to set up a European anti-Muslim movement. For Europe's far-right parties the rally, coming so soon after the murders in south-west France by a self-professed al-Qaida-following Muslim, marks a moment rich with potential political capital.

B.C. racist hate groups 'destabilized' by Anonymous: human rights activist

Human rights groups are raising alarms about Blood and Honour and other racist groups active in B.C. Photo from Anti-Racist Canada.

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