Golden Dawn: courage of two women stems the rise of Greece's neo-Nazis

For half a year they have sat in their seventh-floor office, probing the murky depths of Europe’s most violent political force. It is not a mission that many would envy. But Ioanna Klapa and Maria Dimitropoulou, long-time friends who belong to Greece’s first generation of female judges, have gone about the business of dissecting Golden Dawn with the precision of a surgeon.

Racist attacks in Greece: interactive map

Claims that the far-right Golden Dawn party has been training a military wing have raised concerns about growing racism in Greece. Researchers working on a project called The City at a Time of Crisis have sought to track what they see as the rise of neo-Nazism in Greece using crowd-sourced public reports. The interactive map is constantly updated to show the frequency and severity of attacks. It does this by pulling together reports from individuals, witnesses and the media going back to May 2011.

Greece's democracy in danger, warns Demos, as Greek reservists call for coup

No country has displayed more of a "backslide in democracy" than Greece, the British thinktank Demos has said in a study highlighting the crisis-plagued country's slide into economic, social and political disarray.

Released on the same day that judicial authorities ordered an investigation into a blog posting by a group of reservists in the elite special forces calling for a coup d'etat, the study singled out Greece and Hungary for being "the most significant democratic backsliders" in the EU.

Greek anti-fascist rapper murdered by ‘neo-Nazi’ Golden Dawn supporter

Greek police raided the Athens offices of the Golden Dawn party after Pavlos Fyssas, a left-wing rapper otherwise known as MC Killah P, was killed by a 45-year-old man claiming his allegiance to the far-right group.

34-year-old Pavlos Fysass died in hospital having suffered at least two stab wounds to the heart and ribs, police officials said.

Local reports say Fysass had been watching a game of football at a café in the Athens suburb of Keratsini when he was surrounded by a group of 30 men in Golden Dawn shirts and military style trousers.

Greece Anti-racism Movement Denounces Police Corruption

Athens, Oct 9 (Prensa Latina) Over the latest months Greece has witnessed a wave of race-motivated violence with the presence in Parliament of the Neofascist Golden Down Party, denounced Petros Konstantinu, coordinator of the Movement Against Racism.

Last Summer there were numerous reports of xenophobe incidents in the streets and at their homes through out Greece, including two fatal events, the death of an Iraqi youth in Athens and another from Tunisia in Tesalonica, Konstantinu reminded in interview for Prensa Latina.