free speech

Facebook bans do not equate to restrictions on free speech

"There seems to be a fundamental misunderstanding in some circles of what freedom of speech is actually about. Goldy and her friends are not being silenced, but some of their venues are rejecting them. It’s not particularly different from someone being allowed to speak their mind outside of one’s home, but not be invited into the kitchen to hold forth."

Harper Silences Federal Scientists

The Harper government has created a deep breach of communication between federal scientists and the Canadian public. Scientists are being asked to exercise a new ‘media relation process’ whereby they are no longer being allowed to openly talk to the media regarding their findings, something they were free to do so before. According to documents obtained by Postmedia News, “Approval from the minister’s director of communications must always be sought [by scientists prior] – no exceptions”.

Really, what kind of democratic country are we living in?

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