Antifascists in Russia: Brutal, dangerous fight against neo-Nazis

According to world’s human right organizations, Russia today is not a good place to live. Recently enacted anti-gay law that bans “the distribution of propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations to minors,” increased the number of attacks against gay people. Russian society is very conservative. According to results of survey by All-Russian Centre for the Study of Public Opinion, about 90 percent of citizens support that discriminatory law. There are also many hate crimes against illegal immigrants, especially Caucasians.

Anonymous hits KKK website: Operation Blitzkrieg continues

Over Memorial Day weekend Anonymous hacktivists launched a new offensive targeting white supremacist and neo-Nazi websites as part of the ongoing Operation Blitzkrieg: #OpBlitzkrieg. Websites temporarily taken down and disabled include websites belonging to the the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) as well several white supremacist websites based in Germany.

The attacks began on Friday, May 25, and continued throughout the weekend. On Saturday, May 26, major Twitter accounts associated with Anonymous were tweeting news of the action:

French voters turn on Sarkozy; record support to extreme right

An angry anti-establishment mood swept across France as voters in the first round of the presidential election delivered President Nicolas Sarkozy a distant second-place result and gave the extreme right-wing Marine Le Pen an unprecedented 20 per cent of the vote for third place.

Mr. Sarkozy’s main challenger, Socialist François Hollande, led a strong showing of 28.4 per cent, providing Mr. Sarkozy with a margin that will hard to beat in two weeks when they face off in the final vote.

Baltic fascists still enjoy their happily ever after

The news of placards and flags with Nazi symbolism appearing in the streets of the capital of Lithuania (Vilnius) surfaced at the end of April. Lithuanian nationalists conducted the provocative action to mark Hitler's birthday. Flags with Nazi swastika were found on April 20 on Tauro mountain in Vilnius. In Kaunas, Lithuania's second largest city, someone put up a poster next to a synagogue saying "Jews out!" and "Hitler was right!"

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