Far Right

Starving online trolls won’t stop far-right ideas from going mainstream

Facebook recently announced it’s banning a number of Canadian far-right figures and groups from its platform. Those expelled from Facebook include the “alt-right” activist Faith Goldy and the hate groups Soldiers of Odin, the Canadian Nationalist Front and the Aryan Strikeforce.

European politics dances to the drum of the far right

Instead of championing the EU and the economic benefits of immigrants, Europe’s mainstream parties are moving further to the right. David Cameron’s clampdown on immigrant benefits was one policy designed to win back votes from far-right party UKIP.

David Cameron announces decision to cut immigrant benefits - an attempt to claw back the far right vote.


Italy’s extreme right-wing on the rise

Milan's Piazza Loreto is a traffic hub, a roundabout with a patch of grass in the middle. It's not very pretty, but all Italians know the spot from World War II. It's where resistance fighters hung the corpse of fascist dictator Benito Mussolini. But since then, Mussolini has re-appeared - time and again he appears near the top of lists ranking Italy's greatest statesmen. Mussolini supporters can not only be found in neo-Nazi groups but also in conservative clusters of the population. Tommaso Pini is just one of the many Mussolini supporters.

Conservative culture and the far right in Poland

Legia Warszawa football game nights begin on local trains riding into Warsaw, where fans of the most popular team in the country gather on the way to the stadium from small towns and villages surrounding the Polish capital. The trip is a pre-game ritual: donning Legia T-shirts and green-red scarves, young men, kids as young as 10, and even the odd woman get together in the last wagons of the trains, the bike compartments. Many open cans of beer, some smoke, all talk loudly. With each station approaching Warsaw, they are more numerous and excited, drunker, louder.