Missing Aboriginal Women Cases Should Be Solved Through Police, Not National Inquiries

WHITEHORSE - Prime Minister Stephen Harper says police investigations, not a national inquiry, are the best way to deal with crimes involving missing and murdered aboriginal women.

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French voters turn on Sarkozy; record support to extreme right

An angry anti-establishment mood swept across France as voters in the first round of the presidential election delivered President Nicolas Sarkozy a distant second-place result and gave the extreme right-wing Marine Le Pen an unprecedented 20 per cent of the vote for third place.

Mr. Sarkozy’s main challenger, Socialist François Hollande, led a strong showing of 28.4 per cent, providing Mr. Sarkozy with a margin that will hard to beat in two weeks when they face off in the final vote.

Harper rearranges the chairs on the Conservative Titanic

Quebec: There are currently only 5 cabinet ministers from Quebec. Stephen Harper chose to add additional cabinet ministers from outside Quebec, diminishing the influence of Canada’s second largest province in the Harper government with only 13% of the cabinet seats.

Women: Paul Martin set the record for women in cabinet at 11 – which has since dropped under Stephen Harper. Today Mr. Harper passed up the opportunity to increase the number of women in cabinet, now making up only 26% of the cabinet – the lowest total in years.

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