Thousands join anti-racism protest at Vancouver Art Gallery

Thousands of protesters gathered outside the Vancouver Art Gallery Sunday, waving signs and chanting their support of the Black Lives Matter movement and George Floyd, the unarmed black man killed by police in Minneapolis last week.

Tristan Miura, who held up a skateboard painted with the words “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere,” said he hopes Vancouver will reflect on the protesters' message.

Greece Anti-racism Movement Denounces Police Corruption

Athens, Oct 9 (Prensa Latina) Over the latest months Greece has witnessed a wave of race-motivated violence with the presence in Parliament of the Neofascist Golden Down Party, denounced Petros Konstantinu, coordinator of the Movement Against Racism.

Last Summer there were numerous reports of xenophobe incidents in the streets and at their homes through out Greece, including two fatal events, the death of an Iraqi youth in Athens and another from Tunisia in Tesalonica, Konstantinu reminded in interview for Prensa Latina.


One of the many signs of the rightward creep of Western European politics is the recent unison of voices denouncing multiculturalism. German Chancellor Angela Merkel led off last October by claiming that multiculturalism “has failed and failed utterly.” She was echoed in February by French President Nicolas Sarkozy and British Prime Minister David Cameron. All three were late to the game, though: for years, the Dutch far right has been bashing supposedly multicultural policies. Despite the shared rhetoric, it is difficult to discern a common target for these criticisms.


Seventy years after Nazi Germany attacked the Soviet Union to begin the Second World War, the world still needs a sort of “vaccination against fascism”. To this end, countries have to join forces and set up an anti-Nazi coalition, Russian experts and human rights activists believe. It will be aimed at acquainting people with the historical truth about Nazi atrocities, as well as seeking to toughen punishment for xenophobia.



Britain's largest mainstream Muslim organisation will today call for "robust action" to combat Islamophobic attacks amid fears of growing violence and under-reporting of hate crimes. The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) will challenge the "ethnic profiling" of members of its community, claiming that minorities are 42 times more likely to be targeted under the Terrorism Act.

SRC announces the creation of an archive for researchers

Media Release

The Stop Racism Collective (SRC) has several aspects. A group of researchers and activists regularly conduct research on racist, anti-semitic and anti-democratic organisations.

SRC also provides information to the public and the media based on information from informants, defectors, public files, authorities, independent researchers and media sources.

SRC is now undertaking to construct an archive of far right and anti-democratic events world-wide. The archive is open to researchers and individuals based on their association with SRC.