Judge’s scathing ruling against Alberta ‘freeman’ could signal clampdown on anti-government movement

After 30 years and six children, Dennis Larry Meads split up with his wife two years ago. When the divorce went to court in Edmonton in June, Mr. Meads tried something the judge would call “bluntly idiotic.”

He argued that “man’s law” did not apply to him. He claimed the judge only had jurisdiction at sea, not on land. He said the Bank of Canada kept a secret account in his name.

“I am a freeman on the land,” he said.

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Crimes motivated by hate: Edmonton police

The hate crimes unit of Edmonton Police has laid numerous charges against four men who allegedly assaulted two men and a woman and made hateful comments against others in a rampage on Whyte Avenue last month.

Police say the men — who range from 18 to 32 years in age and are from Edmonton — also distributed flyers on Whyte Avenue and at the Churchill LRT station about a white supremacist rally scheduled to take place in Calgary this month.

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