David Cameron

Tories warn Cameron that gay marriage will split party

David Cameron has been warned that he could tear the Conservative Party in two if he goes ahead with legislation that will permit churches to hold marriage ceremonies for gay people. The Government is due to make an announcement this week that will give more detail of precisely what it is proposing, against a rising tide of outrage on the Tory back benches that the Prime Minister has been won over by supporters of gay marriage.

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PM faces big revolt on gay marriage

David Cameron is facing what could prove to be the biggest Conservative rebellion of his premiership over plans to introduce gay marriage. Some 118 Tory MPs - out of 303 in total - have indicated to their constituents that they are uneasy about the highly controversial move, according to The Daily Mail. The reported figure is a sign of how divided the Conservative Party is over gay marriage, despite both the Prime Minister and Chancellor George Osborne being personally committed to legalising it.

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