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Neo-Nazi suspect may have involved in Cologne bomb attack

German police will re-examine the security camera footage of the 2004 bomb attack in Cologne to uncover the possible role of the main neo-Nazi suspect under arrest. Presiding Judge Manfred Goetzl made this surprise announcement on Thursday, during the final minutes of the 45th hearing of the high-profile NSU trial. Goetzl said that he had asked Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) to re-examine the camera footage with enlarging the picture and improving the image quality. “Image of one of the pedestrians in this video may make anyone think that there is a certain resemblance to Ms.

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German Prosecutors Probe Possible Neo-Nazi Bombing

German prosecutors said Tuesday they are investigating whether three alleged neo-Nazis suspected of a series of racist killings and bombings were also responsible for an earlier explosives attack not previously linked to the group.

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Neo-Nazi murder trial opens in Germany amid tight security

The highest-profile neo-Nazi murder trial in Germany in decades opened Monday amid tight security and intense media interest, with the five accused appearing in public for the first time since their arrest more than a year ago.

Police erected security barriers in anticipation of possible protests by far-right extremist groups, while hundreds of reporters queued outside the Munich courthouse in the hope of gaining one of the few available seats in the packed courtroom for the start of a trial scheduled to last for more than a year.

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German police raid neo-Nazi homes, clubhouses in crackdown on far-right

BERLIN — More than 900 police officers raided homes and clubhouses of suspected neo-Nazis in a crackdown in a western German state on Thursday, seizing far-right propaganda material, computer hard d

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German panels to study how police overlooked neo-Nazi group

Berlin - Two parliamentary inquiries will investigate why 34 separate German police and intelligence agencies were unable to get solid leads on a murderous neo-Nazi gang that killed 10 people before it collapsed last year, lawmakers voted Thursday.

A November suicide of two bank robbers led police to the eventual realization that the men - along with a female accomplice who is under arrest - had made up a right-wing group that was responsible for a series of murders of immigrants starting in 2000.