English Defence League

Britain's far right to focus on anti-Islamic policy

The head of the English Defence League, Tommy Robinson, will be named deputy leader of the British Freedom party this week after proposing that the group adopt virulent anti-Islamic policies as its central strategy.

Confirmation that Robinson is to be offered a political platform within the BFP is contained in internal documents revealing that he has forwarded a number of "potential policy suggestions" that suggest the party will widen its attacks on Muslims.

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English Defence League filling vacuum left by mainstream politics, says report

Mainstream political parties must tackle far-right groups through doorstep "hearts and minds" campaigns that tackle anti-Muslim sentiments at local level, according to two reports on challenging extremists.

The rise of career politicians, and the fall of grassroots activists, has left a vacuum across Europe for populist anti-establishment groups, warns the paper Right Response, published by the international affairs thinktank Chatham House. These groups now tapped into voters' feeling of being "disenfranchised" by out-of-touch politicians.

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