Sending out a Political Signal

In the wake of 9/11, a new brand of home-grown right-wing terrorism was able to emerge in Germany. Even specially drafted anti-terror laws didn't help because right-wing radicalism had been underestimated and sometimes even structurally repressed for too long. After the brutal right-wing extremist terrorist attacks in Norway, it became clear in Germany too that right-wing terrorists were capable of carrying out the worst attacks the country had seen since the Second World War.

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Murder charges levelled at neo-Nazi suspect

Prosecutors have added murder charges to a list of allegations against National Socialist Underground member Beate Zschäpe. She has now been formally implicated in ten murders allegedly carried out by the neo-Nazi terrorist group.

German state prosecutors have requested that Zschäpe be charged with involvement in the killings, the Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper reported on Saturday. She has also been implicated in 14 robberies and attempted murder in connection with arson.

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What Canada can learn from the Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting

Canadians disturbed by white supremacist Wade Michael Page's shooting rampage at a Wisconsin Sikh temple that killed seven people on August 5 should be worried about what could happen in Canada, says an anti-racism expert who has tracked white supremacist groups in Canada for over twenty years.

Alan Dutton, co-founder of the Canadian Anti-racism Education and Research Society (CAERS) and and member of the Stop Racism and Hate Collective, said that Canadians ought to be more aware of the state of hate crime monitoring in their own backyard.

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DHS Crushed This Analyst for Warning About Far-Right Terror

Daryl Johnson had a sinking feeling when he started seeing TV reports on Sunday about a shooting in a Wisconsin temple. “I told my wife, ‘This is likely a hate crime perpetrated by a white supremacist who may have had military experience,’” Johnson recalls.