Spotted at a Neo-Nazi Demo Photographs Link Far-Right Party to Terror Cell

Germany's far-right National Democratic Party has been keen to distance itself from the Zwickau neo-Nazi terror cell, which is believed to have killed at least 10 people. But now a series of photographs from the past has surfaced and appears to suggest closer ties than the party would like to admit.

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A left-wing hacker group has stolen up to 400 names and home addresses of supporters of Germany’s neo-Nazi National Democratic Party (NDP) and published them on Google Maps. The German hacking crew ‘n0-N4m3 Cr3w’ stole the details of financial backers after hacking 25 NDP websites last month, before publishing them on Google maps and its homepage. The NPD was founded in 1964 as a successor to the Third Reich. Leader of the hacking group, Dark Hammer, said the hack was a politically-motivated attempt to prevent the NDP from gaining influence in Germany.


Stop the ridicule: Adrian Dix is right on the money

Many of B.C.'s top political commentators are highly critical of new BC NDP leader Adrian Dix, portraying him as an old school radical who doesn't understand the workings of the global economy. Michael Smyth (Vancouver Province) calls him a "dour Stalinist," while Tom Fletcher (Black Press) tells us his "rhetoric about state-imposed wealth redistribution seems not so much alarming as quaint."

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