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PRESS RELEASE: protest at the Home Office: Refugees and migrants welcome – Stop the scapegoating!

Stand Up To Racism - Mon, 01/07/2019 - 05:44

Protest outside the Home Office Monday, 7 January, 6pm: Refugees and Migrants Welcome – Stop the Scapegoating

Stand Up To Racism and Care4Calais have jointly called a flash protest outside the Home Office this Monday, 7 January at 6pm, in the wake of widespread outrage at the Tories’ attempts to whip up a frenzy of racism towards refugees and migrants after a hundred or so refugees were reported to have crossed the Channel since Christmas Day.  … Read the rest

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"Tim vs Tim! Tim vs Tim!"

Remember this guy?

That's Timothy Reid Gavin, member of the Proud Boys from Hamilton who was involved in the rather disastrous march in the city which 'lil old ARC exposed (with a lot of help from some insiders).

Well, I guess I should have written "member of the Proud Boys" in the past tense:

Timothy Reid Gavin, Tim Kelly, Robert Jones, and a guy I can't be bothered to look up right now in happier times
We knew about Robert Jones being kicked out of the Proud Boys (MUCH more on him in a future article) but Timothy Reid Gavin being given the boot was new information. Still, he hasn't changes his spots so not surprisingly he has joined the reactionary Yellow Vests protests.

But the still equally extreme Proud Boys led by Tim "Braying Jackass" Kelly are also involved in the Yellow Vest protests which resulted in.... well, let's not beat around the bush:

I would put my money on Tim to win a fight, though Tim looks like he could take a hit from Tim pretty well, and Tim looks like he might have a bit more stamina than Tim.

I just don't know.

To the folks who managed to catch this brilliant piece of inadvertent performance art on camera which details, yet again, another example of how the far-right can't even get along with each other, I say bravo!

Conflicting Ottawa Convoy Commitments Create Controversy

In following the reactionary Yellow Vests protests in Canada, there has already been a great deal of factionalism within that movement.

Now there's trouble between adjacent movements:

Does everyone want to see a convoy go to Ottawa? Do you really want it to be successful; to win hearts and minds to our cause? Because with my experience with these things, I want to share w/ y’all what will work and what won’t. #convoy #yellowvests #giletsjaunes /1— Bernard Hancock (@ruffnecknation) January 3, 2019Hey #ruffnecknation! It’s punks like these that will ruin the Ottawa convoy. I need your help; I need trolls. Start commenting on all their stuff, start subtweeting and mocking(preferable to RT’ing). Light these dorks up. Make sure your friends know they’re imposters.— Bernard Hancock (@ruffnecknation) January 3, 2019If anyone’s questioning why I have such disdain for the #yellowvest movement and their attempts to piggyback on the legit convoy to Ottawa, plz watch today’s rallies in #reddeer #edmonton, #calgary, #medicinehat and #fortmac and the resulting media coverage.#AbLeg #grandeprairie— Bernard Hancock (@ruffnecknation) January 5, 2019
Now Bernard Hancock (who has blocked ARC's Twitter account even though I have never been in contact with him via that means) has a hate on for the reactionary Yellow Vesters even though he kind of, sort of, ran in the same crowd for some time; he was at an event organized by the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam in Calgary and an event hosted by Jeff Sharpe in Edmonton. That said I can't necessarily argue with him regarding the absolute embarrassment that the reactionary Yellow Vesters really are. However I wonder if he would even pay attention to them if not for the fact there is a Yellow Vests Canada convoy to Ottawa that is competing with the one that Hancock in involved with. Moreover, the Yellow Vests convoy Go Fund Me has already raised substantially more (in the $60,000 range) than the "official" convoy to Ottawa rally Hancock has raised (around $11,000 last time I checked).
Bernard isn't pleased:

The link to the article Hancock posted can be found here.
More from this thread:

This has resulted in a rather robust discussion:

Now I can't say one way or another whether or not Hancock's suggestions are accurate, but it isn't as if this would be the first time someone involved in the reactionary Yellow Vests protest was proven to be dishonest.

For example, Tyler Malenfant, the founder and administrator of the biggest reactionary Yellow Vests social media site, is once again claiming that the antisemitic and racist rhetoric he posted online in 2015 which ARC covered then wasn't him even though it was CLEARLY him. His lies are especially transparent in the "Edmonton Star" article published Friday that focused on extremism within the reactionary Yellow Vests movement:The Yellow Vests Canada Facebook page lists a “Tyler Malenfant” as its administrator. The same Facebook profile was used to post comments on an Al Jazeera news article about a Jewish conspiracy to “destroy” Christianity and replace North America’s white majority through a concerted effort of mass migration. When asked about his comments on the news article, the user of the profile deleted the comments and denied they ever existed. The user said the screenshots StarMetro took were fake.I'll get back to this article in a moment, but recently I received a number of screen shots from the group Malenfant administers that I'd like to share:Read more »

Far Right Losing Collective Mind Over Islamic Party of Ontario Attempt To Register As An Official Party

Imagine that a political party has emerged which condemns secularism and the separation of church and state, promotes the recriminalization of homosexuality, strong censorship of what it deems to be blasphemous, adherence to strict gender rolls, and which advocates the for their religious views to become the law of the land. In Canada, that has been a reality since 1987 when the Christian Heritage Party emerged.

A year after it came into existence, the CHP won 102,533 votes in the 1988 federal election. Since that time support for the CHP has declined; after temporarily losing official part status they won 10,110 votes in the 2000 election while their lowest vote tally with party status was 15,284 in 2015. Still, the party remains and will likely run in the next federal election on this platform, choice portions of which I've included below:

In general, most Canadians recognize the CHP and other similar religious based parties that have come and gone as being on the political fringes with no real chance of attaining power on their own. Of course this doesn't preclude other groups and individuals who hold similar views from influencing mainstream political parties:

Still, political parties such as the CHP are generally ignored as being rather irrelevant.
Such is also the case for the relatively new Islamic Party of Ontario, a group so fringe that it barely has an online presence:

Not yet a political party, should they ever run candidates the Islamic Party of Ontario will have likely even less of an impact than the CHP has in Canada; I can't imagine the IPO breaking 1000 votes in all of the province. That said based on what little there is online their positions are as extreme as that of the CHP. One thing that is certain is that the current leadership (and perhaps only member) of the IPO is a fan of what Doug Ford has done in the province of Ontario already:

Basically, a social conservative party that is similar to that of the CHP. In fact if you were to replace "Bible" with "Quran" in the CHP platform and vice versa for the the limited amount of information on the IPO, they would be almost indistinguishable. 
However this hasn't stopped the far-right Islamophobes from losing their shit:
Goldy's claim regarding the founding of the IPO may not be true as I
remember a news article that predate Goldy's and Loomer's stunt by a
few months.... though damn if I can find it now.

I might note here that of the 82 people who were following the Islamic Party of Ontario Twitter account, fully half of them appear to be conservatives and right-wing nationalists who oppose the fringe party including Goldy....

.... and Georgeanne Burke who has been featured twice on the blog:

There is also this woman who has followed the account and who has posted and retweeted some rather incendiary comments:

Two are of special concern. Islamophobe Eric Brazau has created a caricature of a Muslim extremists that he has been using spread his hatred; Ms. Forbes re-tweeted a video in which he makes incendiary comments without questioning the source:

In another tweet she suggests that she is ready to use violence to oppose not just the political party but Islam in general and a desire to join the virulently Islamophobic III% militia:

I might also mention that she's okay with Dara "Nazi Mom" Graham and her involvement with the reactionary Yellow Vests Canada protests:
I can't help noticing that a video lasting several minutes has been edited to include only 8 seconds.

Now all of this would be the reaction that one might expect from the equally fringe far-right. Unfortunately, enablers in both the media and politics have decided to magnify the issue for their own rather cynical purposes.
First Tarek Fatah who writes for the "Toronto Sun" wrote a hyperbolic article about the founding of the fringe party (not the one he linked to in the screen shot below). A man who appears to treat every Islamophobic conspiracy theory with credulity, Fatah also couldn't help injecting himself into the story:Read more »

Weekend Read: 'This is what a family looks like.'

Southern Poverty Law Center - Thu, 01/03/2019 - 13:57
Jay was worried he wouldn’t be fed. He was in trouble at school. He was sick a lot.

SPLC statement on the 116th Congress

Southern Poverty Law Center - Thu, 01/03/2019 - 13:46
The challenges facing the 116th Congress are great, and none are greater than the role of the White House in exacerbating racism and extremism in nearly every facet of American life.

Far-right survivalist and icon of 'Patriot' movement predicts religious civil war

Southern Poverty Law Center - Thu, 01/03/2019 - 12:53
The framer of a far-right survivalist movement in the Pacific Northwest rang in the new year by warning of religious civil war.

Neonazi-Brandstifter Maik Schneider darf das Gefängnis verlassen! – #schauhin #gefährder #terror

Der frühere NPD-Politiker Maik Schneider (31) kommt aus dem Knast! Er hatte einen Brandanschlag auf eine geplante Flüchtlingsunterkunft begangen. Jetzt ist die Justizpanne um Neonazi Maik Schneider aus Nauen amtlich! Der Mann, der wegen des Brandanschlags auf die Nauener Turnhalle zu neuneinhalb Jahren Haft verurteilt wurde, wurde Donnerstag auf freien Fuß gesetzt! Er muss wegen „überlanger“ Haftdauer, er sitzt seit März 2016 in der Sache in Untersuchungshaft, aus dem Gefängnis entlassen werden. So verfügte es jetzt das Brandenburger Oberlandesgericht. Auf sein Urteil wartet er immer noch. Weil ein Gerichts-Schöffe befangen war, wird der Prozess nun wiederholt. Im März soll das Urteil fallen. Ob der Neonazi wegen überlanger Verfahrensdauer vorher freikommt, entscheidet in Kürze das Oberlandesgericht.
Im ersten Prozess, bei dem Maik Schneider gestanden hatte, den Brand gelegt zu haben, wurde er verurteilt. Jetzt aber die Ohrfeige für die Potsdamer Richter: „Der Angeklagte ist unverzüglich aus der Untersuchungshaft zu entlassen“, schrieben die Richter in ihrer Begründung, die B.Z. vorliegt. Schneiders Rechtsanwalt Sven Milke hatte bereits im Dezember gegenüber B.Z. gesagt: „Bei Maik Schneider ließ sich der Richter mit der Zustellung des Urteils fast sechs Monate Zeit. Deshalb muss er entlassen werden.“ Dadurch sei die Revision unverhältnismäßig verzögert worden. Zudem monierte er eine schleppende Terminierung des Revisionsprozesses.

via bz berlin: Neonazi-Brandstifter Maik Schneider darf das Gefängnis verlassen!

siehe auch: Vermeidbare Verzögerungen – Ex-NPD-Politiker aus U-Haft entlassen Der 32-jährige Maik Schneider steht wegen eines Brandanschlags auf eine geplante Flüchtlingsunterkunft in Nauen 2015 vor Gericht. Das Oberlandesgericht (OLG) Brandenburg verfügte nun seine Entlassung aus der Untersuchungshaft.Der 32-Jährige muss sich seit Oktober in einem Revisionsprozess wegen des Brandanschlags auf eine geplante Flüchtlingsunterkunft im August 2015 in Nauen (Havelland) verantworten. Die Sporthalle, in der Flüchtlinge untergebracht werden sollten, brannte bei dem Anschlag vollständig aus. Dadurch entstand ein Sachschaden in Höhe von rund 3,5 Millionen Euro. Schneider war wegen des Brandanschlags und weiterer Delikte bereits im Februar 2017 zu neuneinhalb Jahren Haft verurteilt worden.

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Fragen und Antworten: Darf man Strandgut behalten?

Rund 300 Container eines Frachters sind auf dem Weg vom belgischen Antwerpen nach Bremerhaven bei Sturm über Bord gegangen. Der ungewöhnliche Unfall wirft viele Fragen auf (…) Frage: Darf man angespültes Strandgut behalten? Antwort: In Deutschland nicht, weltweit ist es aber unterschiedlich geregelt. In den Niederlanden ist es nicht strafbar, angespülte Waren mitzunehmen. Nur geschlossene Container dürfen nicht geöffnet werden. Wer hierzulande angespülte Gegenstände mitnimmt, riskiert eine Anzeige wegen Fundunterschlagung. Denn nach dem Bürgerlichen Gesetzbuch müssen Fundsachen im Wert von mehr als zehn Euro dem Eigentümer oder der zuständigen Behörde gemeldet werden.

via zeit: Fragen und Antworten: Darf man Strandgut behalten?

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Hitler-Gegnerinnen, die weitgehend vergessen sind

Viele Frauen waren im Widerstand gegen die Nationalsozialisten in München aktiv, ihre Namen kennt heute aber kaum jemand. Das liegt auch an traditionellen Rollenbildern. Centa Herker-Beimler hat sich nie einschüchtern lassen. Schon als 17-Jährige war die Münchner Kommunistin mit den Nazis aneinandergeraten. Im Frühjahr 1933, als sie 24 war, verteilte sie dann Flugblätter gegen das Regime; dafür sperrten sie die Nazis fast vier Jahre lang ein, erst in Stadelheim, dann im Konzentrationslager Moringen – so lange, bis ihr Mann, der KPD-Funktionär Hans Beimler, in Spanien im Kampf gegen Franco gefallen war. Die Witwe blieb der Gestapo verdächtig. Nach dem gescheiterten Attentat Georg Elsers auf Hitler wurde sie 1939 für vier Wochen eingesperrt. Dennoch ging sie wenig später wieder in den Widerstand.
Im Jahr 1941, nach dem Überfall auf die Sowjetunion, beschloss Centa Beimler, erneut zu handeln. Die Münchner Kommunisten mieden sie zwar, um nicht ebenfalls ins Visier der Gestapo zu geraten; so fuhr Beimler eben nach Augsburg, um Kontakte zu knüpfen und eine antifaschistische Gruppe aufzubauen. Erfolg hatte sie nicht; die Nazis sperrten sie weitere sieben Monate ein, bis ihr Arbeitgeber sie frei bekam. Daraufhin half sie 1943 Zwangsarbeitern im Kohlebergbau in Penzberg. Nach dem Krieg zog sie sich zurück. Vom Kampf gegen die Nazis erzählte sie erst viel später. Centa Herker-Beimler ist eine von vielen Frauen, die in München Widerstand gegen die Nationalsozialisten geleistet haben, deren Namen aber heute kaum jemand kennt. Es sind Frauen gewesen wie Lotte Branz, die Verfolgte ins Ausland und Schriften der Exil-SPD zurück ins Deutsche Reich schmuggelte, oder Frauen wie Paula Frieb, die Regimegegner versteckte und Waffen sowie Nachrichten ausländischer Radiosender an Widerständler weiterleitete. Es waren Frauen wie Margot Linsert, die Flugblätter vervielfältigte und verteilte und in deren Lebensmittelladen in Laim sich Mitglieder des “Internationalen Sozialistischen Kampfbundes” treffen konnten. Und es waren Frauen wie Marie-Luise Schultze-Jahn, die das Werk der “Weißen Rose” weiterzuführen versuchte, nachdem der Kern der Gruppe 1943 hingerichtet worden war. Die Reihe ließe sich lange fortsetzen; doch abgesehen von Sophie Scholl, die als Gesicht der “Weißen Rose” noch immer präsent ist, sind die Frauen gegen Hitler heute weitgehend vergessen.
Dabei unterschied sich der Widerstand der Frauen nicht wesentlich von dem der Männer. Frauen waren selten Attentäterinnen, und sie waren nicht in der Position, einen Staatsstreich zu wagen wie die Offiziere des 20. Juli 1944. Doch bewaffnete Aktionen würden in der Geschichte des deutschen Widerstands “ohnehin allenfalls eine verschwindend geringe Rolle” spielen, erklärt Jürgen Zarusky, Historiker am Institut für Zeitgeschichte in München. Die Nazis seien von 1933 an zu erfolgreich darin gewesen, die Organisationen der Linken zu zerschlagen. In den meisten Fällen bedeutete Widerstand vielmehr, Propaganda zu verbreiten – und daran beteiligten sich Frauen ebenso wie Männer.

via sz: Hitler-Gegnerinnen, die weitgehend vergessen sind

Hitler-Gegnerinnen, die weitgehend vergessen sind

— Udo Beitzel (@UdoPdl) January 2, 2019

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47-Jährige von alkoholisiertem Gelsenkirchener verletzt – #leitkultur #afdwirkt

Nach einer gefährlichen Körperverletzung am Dienstag, 01.01.2019, ist ein 27-jähriger Gelsenkirchener in Untersuchungshaft gekommen. Ein Zeuge hatte die Polizei gegen 21.30 Uhr alarmiert, weil eine Frau auf dem Balkon eines Mehrfamilienhauses in der Schevenstraße um Hilfe gerufen hatte. Den Beamten versuchte der aggressive Gelsenkirchener den Zutritt zur Wohnung zu verweigern. Sie mussten sich den Faustschlägen und Tritten des Gelsenkircheners erwehren, ehe sie ihn fixieren konnten. Die 47 Jahre alte Frau, die Verletzungen im Gesicht aufwies, wurde medizinisch versorgt. Ein Rettungswagen brachte sie in ein örtliches Krankenhaus, wo sie zur stationären Behandlung verblieb. Beide Beteiligten waren zur Tatzeit stark alkoholisiert. Ein freiwillig durchgeführter Atemalkoholtest ergab bei dem 27-Jährigen einen Wert von fast 2,6 Promille.

via pressebericht polizei: 47-Jährige von alkoholisiertem Gelsenkirchener verletzt

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Nasa refused to change the name of mini-planet Ultima Thule despite its link to the Nazis

You might think Ultima Thule is a pretty cool-sounding name for the most distant object ever explored by humanity. But you need to get yourself reeducated because it’s actually a sick Nazi reference which is grotesquely insensitive and likely to offend any human being with a pair of ears. That’s the opinion of people who are absolutely outraged that Nasa would ever nickname a planet using a phrase used by the Nazis and which inspired the moniker of an obscure ‘Viking Rock’ band known to have skinhead and neo-Nazi fans. Ultima Thule is the snappier title given to a space rock called (486958) 2014 MU69 – but it was once known as the birthplace of the Aryan race. Critics say the ‘not OK’ name should have been scrapped as soon as its Nazi links were exposed.
Rock against racism… the name Ultima Thule has Nazi connotations
So far, Nasa has ignored the wailing of the offended and stuck with its decision. ‘New Horizons is an example – one of the best examples in our time – of raw exploration, and the term Ultima Thule, which is very old, many centuries old, possibly over a thousand years old, is a wonderful meme for exploration,’ Nasa’s Alan Stern said at a press conference yesterday ‘That’s why we chose it. I would say that just because some bad guys once liked that term, we’re not going to let them hijack it.’ We can only assume Alan has not performed a Twitter search to see what people are saying about Nasa’s choices. ‘If you know a name has ties to Nazi mythology it is absolutely not acceptable to name your publicly funded research after it, anyway,’ raged journalist Maggie Koerth-Baker. ‘There’s a tie to Nazi mythology. The people at NASA knew that and picked the name anyway. There are literal Nazis marching in the streets here. This is a not okay choice for the federal government.’

via metro: Nasa refused to change the name of mini-planet Ultima Thule despite its link to the Nazi

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Dortmunder #AfD-Kreissprecher Bernd Schreyner wechselt zu „Die Rechte“ – #schauhin #pack #neonazis #FleischVomFleisch

Nach parteiinternen Streitigkeiten wechselt Bernd Schreyner, ehemaliger Sprecher des AfD-Kreisverbandes Dortmund, zur Partei „Die Rechte„. Er kommt damit einem Parteiausschlussverfahren zuvor. In einer öffentlichen Stellungnahme auf seinem persönlichen Facebook-Profil begründet der Rentner den Wechsel mit „Vorfällen im vergangenen Jahr“ innerhalb seiner ehemaligen Partei, der AfD Dortmund. Teilen seiner ehemaligen Parteikollegen wirft Schreyner in der Stellungnahme vor, stillschweigend und ohne Rückrat zu sein. „Das hatte ich mir irgendwie bei meinem Eintritt in die AfD anders vorgestellt.“ Für Aufsehen hatte Bernd Schreyner kurz vor Weihnachten gesorgt, als er – damals noch als AfD-Mitglied – bei einer Demo von Rechtsextremen in Dortmund als Redner auftrat.
Dort gab er an, in der AfD angefeindet zu werden, weil er dem nationalkonservativen Flügel um Björn Höcke, Fraktionsvorsitzender der AfD im Thüringer Landtag, angehöre. „Ich weiß aber, dass bei uns (Anm. d. Red.: in der AfD) sehr viele auch so denken wie ich.“ Schreyner ging mit „SS Siggi“ Bier trinken In seiner Rede gab Schreyner zudem an, den aktuell im Gefängnis sitzenden Neonazi Siegfried Borchardt („SS Siggi“) zu kennen, mit ihm schon das ein oder andere Bier getrunken zu haben. Schreyner: „Ich finde es unglaublich unverschämt, dass man solche Leute wie (…) den Borchardt (…) wegsperrt, nur weil die ihre Meinung klar und deutlich benennen.“

via dortmund24: Dortmunder AfD-Kreissprecher Bernd Schreyner wechselt zu „Die Rechte“

#Hassrede von Bernd Schreyner #AFD #Dortmund
gegen seine eigenen Parteikollegen.

— Antifa Zeckenbiss (@AZeckenbiss) December 22, 2018

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„Wir für Deutschland“ – Hetze im Netz! Rechtsextremer Aufmarsch-Organisator verurteilt – #schauhin #pack

Kay Hönicke hatte im Juni 2017 in Wedding einen rechten Aufmarsch gefilmt und auf Facebook übertragen – unterlegt mit ausländerfeindlichen Bemerkungen. Kay Hönicke (45) muss 2700 Euro Strafe zahlen, weil er im Internet zu Hetze aufgerufen hat. Das Amtsgericht Tiergarten erließ einen Strafbefehl von 90 Tagessätzen à 30 Euro. Dagegen hatte der Organisator von „Wir sind Deutschland“ Einspruch eingelegt. Deshalb sollte am Donnerstag der Prozess stattfinden. Aber der Angeklagte kam nicht. Daraufhin ist das Urteil nun rechtskräftig.
Muslimische Ausländer als Krankheit bezeichnet. Am 17. Juni 2017 hatte Hönicke in der Brunnenstraße in Wedding einen rechten Aufmarsch gefilmt. Die Bilder waren live auf Facebook zu sehen, unterlegt mit Hetz-Kommentaren. Diese bezogen sich auf Bewohner umliegender Miethäuser. Unter anderem fielen die Worte: „Da, die nächste Burka, Berlin ist verseucht, jeder Wohnblock gehört dem Islam.“ Ein Architekt aus Essen (41) erstattete Strafanzeige. Mit seinem Hetz-Kommentar habe der Angeklagte muslimische Ausländer als Krankheit bezeichnet, heißt es zur Begründung des Urteils. Der Mann aus Brandenburg kann gegen das Urteil noch in Berufung gehen. Niederlage für „Wir für Deutschland“ Seit Jahren veranstalteten die Anhänger der rechten Gruppierung „Wir für Deutschland“ sogenannte „Merkel muss weg”-Demos. Am Tag der Deutschen Einheit zeigten sie am Hauptbahnhof den Hitlergruß.

via bz berlin: „Wir für Deutschland“ – Hetze im Netz! Rechtsextremer Aufmarsch-Organisator verurteilt

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Alexander Hold: “Wenn AfD-Leute aus der Rolle fallen, werde ich einschreiten”

Der frühere Fernsehrichter Alexander Hold (Freie Wähler) ist bayerischer Vize-Landtagspräsident und beliebtes Foto-Motiv im Landtag. Herr Hold, Sie waren Richter und Fernsehrichter, jetzt sind Sie Landtagsvizepräsident. Was ist der einfachste Job? Alexander Hold: Sagen wir so, es gibt Parallelen in meinen drei großen beruflichen Stationen: Ich sitze vorn, leite eine Sitzung und sorge für Ruhe und Ordnung. Apropos Ruhe und Ordnung: Wie wollen Sie denn mit der AfD umgehen, die neu in den Landtag eingezogen ist? Hold: Jeder gewählte Abgeordnete hat zunächst mal das Recht, ernst genommen zu werden. Aber wenn AfD-Leute aus der Rolle fallen, zum Beispiel mit völkischen oder rassistischen Äußerungen, dann werde ich einschreiten. Wer das Parlament und damit unser Bayern nach außen vertreten will, muss sich an einem strengeren Maßstab messen lassen. Deshalb wurde der umstrittene AfD-Kandidat für das Vizepräsidentenamt nicht gewählt.

via augsburger allgemeine: Alexander Hold: “Wenn AfD-Leute aus der Rolle fallen, werde ich einschreiten”

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Trump illegally asked Russia to help him win in 2016. He shouldn’t get away with it.

Prosecutors triggered a national firestorm last month when they asserted that President Donald Trump conspired with his ex-fixer, Michael Cohen, to commit campaign finance crimes involving hush money payments to two women. But the discussion has overlooked another Trump campaign finance offense — one that is even easier to prove because it occurred in plain sight. On July 27, 2016, Trump called on Russia to find presidential Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s missing emails. “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing,” Trump proclaimed. He added, “I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press.” Federal campaign finance law prohibits any person from soliciting campaign contributions, defined as anything of value to be given to influence an election, from a foreign national, including a foreign government.
In asking Russia to find Clinton’s emails, presidential candidate Trump violated this statutory prohibition on seeking help from a foreign country to influence an election. Trump in essence called on a foreign adversary to locate and release something that was of great value to him and his campaign.

via usatoday: Trump illegally asked Russia to help him win in 2016. He shouldn’t get away with it.

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Im Stich gelassen

Über die Weigerung des Bundesinnenministeriums, Gerettete Flüchtlinge von zwei deutschen Schiffen aufzunehmen. Was haben Berlin, Düsseldorf und das kleine Altdorf bei Nürnberg gemeinsam? In allen drei Städten wurde sich dafür ausgesprochen, mehr gerettete Geflüchtete aus dem Mittelmeer aufzunehmen. 2018 war das Jahr, in dem sich quer durch Deutschland Städte und Kommunen zu Orten der Zuflucht erklärten. Vor diesem Hintergrund ist die Weigerung des Bundesinnenministeriums, geborgene Flüchtlinge von zwei deutschen Seenotrettungsschiffen aufzunehmen, geradezu absurd. Die Hilfsorganisationen Sea-Watch und Sea-Eye haben in den letzten Tagen mehrere Rettungseinsätze durchgeführt und dabei 49 Menschen vor dem Ertrinken gerettet. Mit diesen Menschen suchen die beiden Schiffe nun nach einem sicheren Hafen. Und das bereits seit 11 Tagen. Die Bedingungen könnten nicht widriger sein. Ayla Emmink, Bordärztin auf der Sea-Watch, beschreibt sie als beengt, die Menschen seien traumatisiert und seekrank, die medizinische Lage »fragil«: Schon kleinste Veränderungen könnten die Lage zum Kippen bringen. Dazu zog kurz vor Neujahr ein Sturm auf, der die beiden Schiffe zusätzlich in Gefahr brachte. Die UNO rief die Mittelmeerstaaten bereits dazu auf, ihre Häfen zu öffnen. Es müsse dringend eine Lösung gefunden werden für die 49 Migranten, teilte das UN-Flüchtlingshilfswerk UNHCR mit.
Obwohl die Organisation Sea-Eye unter deutscher Flagge fährt, will das von Horst Seehofer geführte Ministerium die Menschen auf den Schiffen nicht in der Bundesrepublik aufnehmen. Schließlich habe man 2018 bereits 115 Menschen, die aus Seenot gerettet wurden, aufgenommen. Diese Aussage ist nicht nur angesichts der Dutzenden Städte, die Bereitschaft signalisiert haben, den Geretteten eine Heimat zu bieten, abstrus. Auch angesichts des europäischen Vergleichs ist die Aussage beschämend: Spanien hat im Jahr 2018 52.621 aus dem Mittelmeer Gerettete aufgenommen, Griechenland 29.567 und Italien 22.935. Trotzdem verkündet das Bundesministerium, erst Menschen aufzunehmen, wenn eine »ausgewogene Verteilung« auf verschiedene europäische Länder gewährleistet sei.

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Unravelling the concept of unconscious bias

Institute of Race Relations News - Thu, 01/03/2019 - 04:28

To mark the anniversary of the death of A. Sivanandan, the IRR examines how useful his ideas are for unravelling the recent turn in the UK to the concept of unconscious bias.

Until the Guardian published at the start of December 2018 its ‘findings’ of omnipresent, omnifocal ‘unconscious bias’ to explain BAME people’s lack of progression in the UK,[1]  it was hard to see how far and how deeply the ‘concept’ had penetrated.  Now suddenly we see the new narrative: racism is covert not overt; it is psychological not social; it is individual not structural; it is subconscious not conscious. Hence, it effectively exonerates governments, institutions, organisations, even individuals, for it is unconscious, inevitable. But it can be remedied – through retraining and therapy for the individual. Unconscious bias (UB) is the child of neoliberalism.

Just do a little googling and there are hundreds of sites now offering advice, guidance, books and courses (at a price) on UB: UB training, UB exercises, types of UB, why you can’t afford to ignore UB, UB consultancy, Understanding UB. … And there are experts – many on the psycho-social side of the academy – debating in reputable journals, especially in education and in employment, the best forms of such training or therapies.

Don’t get us wrong. We are not arguing, as the Right does, about the existence of unconscious bias. We are worried about the way it is being given primacy as the fons et origo of racism and hence (to mix a metaphor) the forge on which to hammer out racial justice.

In the beginning was the word

Tom Blau/Camera Press, in ‘The fight against racism’

For the word or phrase matters. The word shifts blame, the word redefines, the word predicates the fight. Let’s look at it historically. One had during the 1950s and 1960s to contest the comforting use of the term xenophobia – a natural fear of strangers – which was said to explain away those ‘no Irish, no Blacks, no dogs’ signs in lodgings’ windows. Then we got ‘disadvantage’ to explain away profound racism at the hands of the police.  In 1981 after the urban uprisings Lord Scarman, called in to decide what had gone wrong in the policing of Lambeth, refused to acknowledge that there was systematic racial injustice in the UK, preferring the vague term ‘disadvantage’ which attributed no cause to what black people experienced. There was suspicion and prejudice on either side of the ethnic divide. And then to counter this disadvantage we got divisive localised ‘ethnic policies’ (or poultices as Sivanandan had it to bind up the wounds of said disadvantage). And to counter prejudice we needed a raised awareness.

Thus, in the early 1980s we were ‘sold’ RAT (race or racism awareness training). RAT, an American import, was all the rage for dealing with prejudice and being promoted by well-meaning left-leaning local authorities – which had money at that time. The IRR with the analysis provided by Sivanandan ‘RAT and the degradation of black Struggle’[2] produced a robust critique of it and RAT appeared to die a death. For Sivanandan, RAT failed to make the distinction between personal racialism (i.e. attitude and prejudice) and institutional and state racism. Worse it imposed a kind of collective guilt on all white people (as opposed to power structures in societies) implying that they were almost programmed as of birth to be racists. Trying to bridge the analytical gap between individuals and social forces, RAT practitioners adopted the very lazy idea that racism was simply prejudice + power (power being individualised to white professionals). The critique went on to parody the training of people out of racialist attitudes as teaching people to excrete their shit genteelly – letting the guilt out.

Behind the critique of RAT lay the notion that one has to distinguish between attitudes, which of themselves may not affect anyone, the acting out of those attitudes, which is discrimination, and the imprimatur of the state in creating the conditions for and condoning of racism. The need to make these distinctions is because we need to know where to conduct the fight.

But then in 1999 came the Macpherson report into the 1993 death of Stephen Lawrence in a racist street attack and subsequent police enquiry. And Macpherson, pushed no doubt by the weight of the evidence put before him, came out with a finding of institutional racism in the police and by implication in other agencies and structures. And the fact that this was said in a government-backed report (whatever the muddled thinking in his extended description of it[3]) was a watershed.

From Macpherson to Lammy

It was what groups and organisations fighting police brutality and racist violence for years had waited to have acknowledged as official fact. But it was just not what the police or the establishment wanted to hear. And since 1999 there has been a rear-guard action from right-wing politicians and the police to somehow wipe institutional racism from national consciousness,[4]  – not the reality on the ground, you understand, but the concept. That this was now entering the mainstream became quite evident in the 2017 Lammy Review ‘into the treatment of, and outcomes for, Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic individuals in the Criminal Justice System’.

As Liz Fekete pointed out:

Having failed to mention institutional racism in the body of the report, Lammy identifies, in his conclusion, three forms of prejudice – ‘overt, covert and unconscious’ – as fault lines within the CJS. Many newspapers flagged up issues of ‘racial bias’ in reporting the publication of the Lammy review, but there is but one reference to racial bias in the report, where Lammy much prefers to work with phrases like ‘unintended bias’, ‘unconscious’ or ‘implicit bias.[5]

Racism as microaggression and covert bias

But the swing of the pendulum from institutional racism to unconscious bias is not just a concession to the anti-Macpherson Right; it has at least two other contributing nudges. On the one hand in the UK, we have had over the last two or three years a series of popular books[6] by BAME authors stressing the ubiquity of everyday racism, microaggressions, witnessed in a range of experiences from being mistaken for someone else, names forgotten, a culture which excludes people who look like them, a school curriculum which skews the historical record, to being passed over for jobs.  This all-pervasive racism (personal, cultural, structural, representational) is explained by the concept of ‘white privilege’. This they maintain is because of racism’s deep penetration everywhere including into white people’s consciousnesses, so that it inevitably colours interactions. White people think they are ‘colour-blind’ when in fact they practise forms of covert racism all the time. (Theoretically they are borrowing from Critical Race Theory [7] and the work of Eduardo Bonilla-Silva.[8])

Importing IAT

The Guardian

On the other hand, or perhaps it is one and the same, changes in naming the problem in the US were slowly seeping into the British vernacular. And the US experience was particular. With the election of president Obama in 2008, a black man in the highest position in the land, it became part of the national narrative to describe the US as post-racial. And to fight this illusory idea that one black swallow made an egalitarian summer of a country based on slavery, people began to stress the omnipotence of everyday racism felt by the majority of the ‘Land of the Free’s inhabitants. And experts and professionals, especially in the fields of law, education and employment, had recourse to ‘science’ to validate and measure their claims. And they lighted on the ‘magic bullet’ of the Implicit Association Test (IAT) – basically a social cognition test – devised in 1998 by three psychologists,[9] to prove their point. Via its now  accessible and online portal  it purports to show, by giving an individual a series of images to choose between, how deeply in our subconscious we may hold views of ‘the other’, despite our conscious wish to be just. This test or its variants are now being used extensively to counter disproportionality in various professions in recruitment and promotion policies. (It was, too, given prominence in the Guardian’s take on racism and bias.)

Disproportionality – usually showing the under-representation of a particular group in an area or profession compared with their number in the population – is now a very popular way of ‘proving’ racism – vide the Guardian. But, as Lee Bridges pointed out in his critique of the Lammy Review, what it actually gives is a snapshot of something at one stage in a system. If, as Lammy was, we are looking for causes, we have to look at the way that stages compound one another and fit into whole processes. And the disproportion snapshots do not allow for such analyses.[10]

The problem with IAT and bias ‘theory’

US law professor Jonathan Kahn in his book Race on the Brain: what implicit bias gets wrong about the struggle for racial justice[11] explicates the political problems when ‘implicit bias’ morphs ‘from a useful psychological theory of cognitive function into a master narrative framing legal and policy response to race and racism in America today’. To provide a resume of his arguments:


it denies history;
it reduces racism to merely another form of ‘bias’;
it obscures power relations which undergird contemporary race relations;
it promotes a mirage of an easy pain-free way to fight racism;
it is overenthusiastic about a technological fix for what is fundamentally a complex social, political and historical problem;
it opens the door to the biologicalisation of racism.  (An Oxford research team is said to have come up with a drug to counter implicit bias!)[12]

Looking specifically at the UK, where does the emphasis on ‘bias’ take the struggle against racism?  Yes, as implied throughout this piece, it moves the centre of gravity from institutions and structures to the individual and, unfortunately, to the unconscious. But this has profound implications – in terms of class and hence what to fight and how to fight. It may feel from the point of view of those coming up against the ‘glass ceiling’, that racism is simply ubiquitous but that does not mean that it does not affect different groups and classes differentially. Everyday microaggressions, though wearing and demoralising, are not the same as a death in custody, a deportation or a housing eviction. We have, as Sivanandan pointed out, to distinguish between ‘the racism that kills’ and ‘the racism that discriminates’ especially when austerity policies and neoliberalism are making for an ever-increasingly unequal society.

And pinning one’s star to just enlarging the number of BAME people in an organisation or structure does not of itself change that organisation’s policies – witness Sajid Javid.[13] (Changing the colour of those in charge does not ipso facto change the colour of the policies.) And structural racism is not just as a recent writer had it, ‘the intensification of personal prejudice, of groupthink’.[14] The Home Office has racist policies on terrorism, security, immigration, gangs, all determined not by nasty unenlightened people but by state policies, themselves influenced by economics and foreign policy. [15]

The emphasis on individual bias runs fundamentally against a materialist view of society. It puts the chicken before the egg. Do ‘white’ attitudes and biases create the discrimination that blights the lives of BAME people? Or are those biases being inculcated and constantly being redefined by the political culture around us, itself being reproduced by the laws of the land, the steers from the media, and in fact the larger processes of globalisation and its flipside austerity – which provide the wrapper for class and power relations?



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