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"I Disagree With Violence But....": The Justification and Celebration of the Christchurch Mosque Murders By Paul Fromm and Robert Jones

Sun, 03/17/2019 - 17:58
It didn't take long for the likes of Paulie to try and justify the murder of 50 adults and children worshiping at two Christchurch mosques. In a post on his blog, Fromm posted the entirety of the murderer's "manifesto" along with his own forward justifying the attack while couching that justification if claims to oppose violence:

The most relevant section of the forward his here:

Of course long time readers of ARC and those who know the long history of Fromm's support for violent hate groups who do the dirty work that he tacitly promotes know just how hollow Fromm's claim to "disagree with... violence." He has supported groups such as the Aryan Guard/Blood & Honour, Volksfront, the KKK, and a multitude of groups who have engaged in violence and he has rationalized every single instance:

In fact he has his own links to Christchurch, New Zealand where another violent hate group had been founded:

Here Fromm is shaking hands with Kyle Chapman while on a speaking tour of New Zealand in December 2010. Chapman was leader and founder of the neo-Nazi hate group Right Wing Resistance that formed targeting Maori and other Polynesian peoples, other New Zealand peoples of colour, Jews, and Muslims:
Right Wing Resistance also had a number of chapters around the world. Many were quite small including a Canadian chapter whose sole active member was profiled on the blog in late 2015:

Fromm isn't the only prominent disseminator of hate propaganda who has helped to poison the well and creating the conditions that contribute to events such as the Christchurch tragedy. Like others regarded as leaders or (to use a more resent term) influencers in the white nationalist movement internationally, Fromm toes right up to the line where he doesn't overtly advocate for violence, but justifies it when it occurs as the inevitable consequences of an ethnically diverse society and that the remedy is to make society not ethnically diverse.... however that task would be accomplished is left up to the imagination. These dog whistles are heard by those who ARE potentially inclined to commit such reprehensible acts, but those who have helped to foster this noxious environment have their plausible deniability. 
A figure on the far right whom I have written about due to his active involvement in protests and groups that are increasingly more extreme, Robert Jones, represents the kind of person people like Paulie are dog whistling too:

We usually find the sort of radicalization Robert Jones is undergoing in teens, however like the children who find their way into hate groups, Jones is someone who seems desperate to belong to something. He has been a member of the Soldiers of Odin, the Proud Boys, and the JDL as an affiliate. He has eventually been booted from all three of the groups mentioned and now he's on his forth, the hate group known as the Northern Guard. He has also embraced overt fascism and worships Donald Trump as a sort of living god (note that he has more than one Facebook account two of which I will be sourcing in the article without bothering to make the distinction):

When the Christchurch murders took place, Jones was immediately drawn to the manifesto which he has spent a great deal of time sharing online:

Jones seems aware that posting links to the manifesto, as well as the video of the murders, violate Facebook's terms of service regarding dissemination of hate propaganda and violence, but he seems determined to share these with a wide audience:

Jones' reaction to the murders has been equally crass:

Duarate seems to be under the impression that Fraser Anning, the Australian senator
who blamed the Muslim community for the the murder of their members for
the audacity of living in New Zealand, is a leftist because he likely didn't
read the article.... because he seems to be an idiot.

The term "retribution attack" used by Jones is telling as he very quickly begins to justify the murders and dehumanize non-white peoples:Read more »

Anti-Yellow Vest Protest in Edmonton: Counter Protester From the Clann Hate Group Arrested

Sat, 03/16/2019 - 20:23
At the Alberta Legislature an anti-Yellow Vests protest took place calling the movement out on their ties to overt racists and racist groups such as the Nouns of Odin, Northern Guard, and other hate groups. In response, the Yellow Vesters counter-protested.... along side the Nouns of Odin, Northern Guard, and other hate groups:

So.... thank you for proving the point I guess?

Journalist Carly Robinson reported on the event:

Another protest at the Alberta legislature today.
This week the counter-protesters had the podium (Yellow Vest movement comes weekly on Saturdays), using their time to call out what they call are "radical patriots" like members of the so-called "Clann" who participate. #YEG— Carly Robinson (@CarlyDRobinson) March 16, 2019
Jeff Sharpe with the Yellow Vest movement in Edmonton says the counter-protesters are "dividing the community when we should be uniting the community to stand up for civil rights", says online hate comments come from "trolls". #yeg— Carly Robinson (@CarlyDRobinson) March 16, 2019
On the counter-protesters side, Dylan Michaels says they are fine with the pro-pipeline/job creation/political expression from the Yellow Vests, they just want them to disassociate and stop allowing members of groups and individuals who have made Islamaphobic comments. #yeg— Carly Robinson (@CarlyDRobinson) March 16, 2019

As a bit of an aside, it is a bit galling to hear Jeff Sharpe claim that the there are no Yellow Vesters who are racists given his own history associating with groups such as the Worldwide Coalition against Islam and the Canadian Combat Coalition.

In any case, an interesting incident occurred during the protest.

One of the Clann members was arrested, evidently on outstanding warrants:

Ms. Robinson witnessed the arrest and included a photo in her Tweet:

Groups they are calling out are Solider/Wolves/Nouns of Odin, The Clann (who were present, one member taken by police for what I am told are unrelated outstanding warrants), Canadian Infidels. Says if YV denounced these groups, they would stop counter-protesting. #yeg— Carly Robinson (@CarlyDRobinson) March 16, 2019

ARC readers will recognize the man being led away in handcuffs as the man in the following photograph alongside Clann leader Tyson Hunt attending a United Conservative Party event in October 2018:

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More Reactions From Canadian Racists/Islamophobes to Christchurch Tragedy and The Dangers of Extremist Rhetoric

Fri, 03/15/2019 - 23:36
Yesterday I posted an article detailing a thread on the reactionary Yellow Vests Canada Facebook page which discussed the murder of 49 worshipers at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. Given what has been published here and by others (Yellow Vests Canada Exposed and the Canadian Anti-Hate Network) readers will hardly be surprised that the thread consisted primarily of celebratory comments with a minority of posters who voiced their disapproval.

Knowing that the thread was being watched and that laid bare the real beliefs of their members, the administrators deleted it as well as others that popped up, however the vitriolic hatred of the membership has been rather hard to contain and ARC has been able to collect more screen shots detailing the reality behind Yellow Vests Canada Exposed:

ARC readers know full well that this bigotry, a spreading virus world wide through social media, isn't isolated to the supporters of Yellow Vests Canada or other Yellow Vests supporters in Canada. It didn't take long for other groups that ARC monitors to start commenting on the murder of 49 Muslims. Many of the comments were also celebratory. Some attempted to justify the murders while other started the "false flag" or "the Muslims did it themselves" claims that have become all too common when such horrible events occur. Of course there are the claims that the shooter was actually a far-leftist in order to absolve the right of any culpability. The QAnon fanatics have also gotten in on the act. Finally, there are a few who have actually questioned the presence of mosques in Christchurch and have posited that their presence in the city was a provocation intended by Muslims to claim dominance over Christianity.... because the name of the city is Christchurch.

If they were inclined to do the minimal research required, their minds would be blown to learn there are at least 26 Christian Churches in Islamabad, Pakistan:

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Massacre At Two New Zealand Mosques; Yellow Vest Canada Members and Other Far-Right Groups Celebrate

Thu, 03/14/2019 - 23:32
I plan on adding to this later today. I just wanted to get the basics out.

In Christchurch, New Zealand, a man walked into a mosque wearing a GoPro which was live streamed to Facebook and shot a number of worshipers. A second mosque son followed. At this point three men and one woman have been arrested in connection to the shooting; at least one of these individuals posted a manifesto justifying the attack (I may take very selected screen shots because this man doesn't deserve to have an audience for his views). He also posted on 8chan:

His weapons were covered with anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim graffiti, including neo-Nazi slogans, references to the UN migration pact and Quebec city mosque shooter Alexandre Bissonnette:— JAKearn (@lingerence) March 15, 2019
At this point I don't know how many have died, but I have heard of numbers ranging as high as 26. More information will be forthcoming.

UPDATE: CBC is reporting 40 dead.

In the meantime, the folks at Yellow Vests Canada posted about the tragedy and most of the responses were either celebratory, suggested a false flag, or justified the shootings:

The thread was eventually pulled down, but the administrators can't claim they didn't know about it since they approved of and participated in the thread:

This is the Yellow Vest Canada movement.

I'll continue this article tomorrow evening, but suffice it to say for now I'm not sure I could be more disgusted.

Yellow Vests Canada Members' Reaction To Ethiopian Airline Tragedy Is As Bad As You Would Think

Mon, 03/11/2019 - 18:33
Sometimes there are no words to describe just how horrible the membership and supporters of the reactionary Yellow Vest movement in Canada truly are.

On Sunday, an Ethiopian Air flight crashed six minutes after taking off killing all 157 on board. Among those killed were 18 Canadians and included the following:

Individuals from 30 countries died in the tragedy including a number of United Nations staff members and aid workers who were to attend an environmental summit in Nairobi, Kenya.
The reaction of most thinking, feeling, humans would be varied. There would be some "but for the grace of God" reactions. Others might think about loved ones and how they would react if faced with the worst news imaginable. Some might also wonder about the safety of the class of Boeing 737s that were involved in this and another recent crash. But I think that, almost universally, decent people from all sides of the political spectrum would feel deep sympathy for the victims and their families.
This in not the case of the Yellow Vesters who have taken the opportunity to spread conspiracy theories and celebrate the deaths of other human being while hoping for more:
1. Ethiopian flight truthers. And if they aren’t truthers, they’re celebrating the loss of UN employees.

Just like with the Halifax house fire, these horrid people will take any tragedy and make it about them.

THREAD#YellowVestsCanada #cdnpoli #EthiopianAirlinesCrash— Yellow Vests Canada Exposed (@VestsCanada) March 11, 2019
2. No shame. #YellowVestsCanada #cdnpoli #EthiopianAirlinesCrash— Yellow Vests Canada Exposed (@VestsCanada) March 11, 20193. Do these people have any humanity left? #YellowVestsCanada #cdnpoli #EthiopianAirlinesCrash— Yellow Vests Canada Exposed (@VestsCanada) March 11, 20194. Note one commenter says they hope a plane flies into a UN building.#YellowVestsCanada #cdnpoli #EthiopianAirlinesCrash— Yellow Vests Canada Exposed (@VestsCanada) March 11, 2019
I've been involved in some form of anti-racism activism for more than 20 years now and have run the blog for almost 11 and a half years. It really is rare to shock me any longer. Still, the callous and thoughtless hatred of the Yellow Vest Canada reactionaries has me shaking my head.
ARC echoes the sentiments of the good people behind Yellow Vests Canada Exposed:
5. Our sincerest condolences to all affected by the losses. We’ve read the stories of the people on board, and we grieve with you. #EthiopianAirlinesCrash— Yellow Vests Canada Exposed (@VestsCanada) March 12, 2019

Students For Western Civilization Head Attending Identity Evropa Event

Sun, 03/10/2019 - 16:45
Any time I write an article in which Students For Western Civilization is the focus or even mentioned obliquely their members and/or supporters are quick to suggest that they have been horribly maligned:

The problem with this is that while they don't want to be called racists, they have no problem associating with overt racists:

Last year the good people at Unicorn Riot released leaked Discord chats which featured some prominent Canadian extremists. First and foremost among these individuals was Gabriel Sohier Chaput posting as "Zeiger". Until he was identified, Gabriel Sohier Chaput was a significant figure on the far-right as a propagandist for the neo-Nazi website "The Daily Stormer" (DS). In that role he was second only to Andrew Anglin who founded the website. He has since gone into hiding and there is currently a warrant for his arrest. In the above discussion with use "Albo-HAMMERBRO" Sohier Chaput discusses the friendly relationship with Students For Western Civilization.

In another discussion, Sohier Chaput and Athan Zafirov (posting as "Date") discuss working with Students For Western Civilization. Zafirov was another key figure on the far-right based in Montreal who headed Alt-Right Montreal which was the Generation Identity Canada/ID Canada affiliate in the city. He was also active in organizing a Canadian presence in Charlottesville:

In his September 15, 2016 discussion with Sohier Chaput, Zafirov asks if he has been, "in touch with [their] man" in Toronto:

One might regard referring to Students For Western Civilization as Students For White Civilization as a bit of a Freudian slip, but it isn't as if the SFWC hasn't provided ample reason for this description:

And of course one can't talk about the SFWC without mentioning their links to Faith Goldy:

Now, once again thanks to Unicorn Riot, there is yet another association that ARC would like to make readers aware of:

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Bernier Continues To Make Bad Choices?

Tue, 03/05/2019 - 17:41
Or he is reaching out to his natural base?

Time will tell.

In any case, remember this?

Yeah, this looked bad, especially considering it seems that Bernier (or at least his handlers) knew exactly what kind of people the Proud Boys were.

At least his judgement couldn't be worse, right?

Well, funny story....— (((57ing54ot))) (@alexhundert) March 5, 2019
Hey look, its @MaximeBernier campaigning with a #nazi.#cdnpoli #ppc #whitesupremacy #election2019— (((57ing54ot))) (@alexhundert) March 5, 2019


Oh hey, it's @MaximeBernier smiling and glad-handing with a skinhead.

Alex Brisson, neo-Nazi. #cdnpoli

That shirt? 

Final pic, with another skinhead Tom Samson.— Alheli Picazo (@a_picazo) March 5, 2019

His Likes are fun, too.

Subtle!— Alheli Picazo (@a_picazo) March 6, 2019

Note: All original organizational pages were changed to 'unofficial' once EDAs started to formalize and such.— Alheli Picazo (@a_picazo) March 6, 2019

GEE, I WONDER LIKE WHAT— Yellow Vests Canada Exposed (@VestsCanada) March 5, 2019

The past week there has been a great deal of political discussion regarding the judgement of party leaders.

Consider this to in the effort to further that discussion.

Goldy Goes To CPAC.... And Is Very Disappointed

Sat, 03/02/2019 - 20:06
As I've been battling the worst man cold in the history of man colds (really, it actually might be the most virulent cold since history began and that is TOTALLY not an exaggeration), I've been sticking close to home medicating myself with port and Netflix documentaries; cold medication might be more efficacious but not as much fun. However I decided to pull myself from the sofa, wrap a knitted afghan around myself, and head into the office to make a rare foray into American politics.

This weekend the Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC, is being held in Maryland just a bit downriver from Washington D.C. CPAC has, in addition to attracting a who's who of whom might be regarded as mainstream conservative politicians and activists, has increasingly attracted those from the fringes of the movement including ethnic nationalists, identitarians, and alt-righters in addition to regular bunch of conspiracy nutbars and general grifters.

Case in point:

It really is amazing how these folks are drawn to each other. Here Goldy is with fellow CPAC attendee Jacob Wohl (no doubt at some hipster coffee shop), freshly banned from Twitter because he's blisteringly stupid. Wohl, a Trump sycophant who makes R.M. Renfield appear dignified by comparison, is known for among other things being banned from trading in futures for life as a result of massive fraud and attempting (badly) to frame Robert Mueller for sexual assault. He is at CPAC promoting yet another conspiracy theory concerning Rep. Ilhan Omar along with fellow grifter Laura Loomer:

Ostensibly Goldy is attending CPAC as a "journalist" working for the anti-immigration, white nationalist org VDare, however as readers know she is also very much a partisan:

However it seems that things at CPAC aren't going quite as well as Goldy would like. In fact I can't help thinking about this scene in "The Simpsons" when reading her Twitter feed:

It appears that CPAC, while still super racists, isn't quite racist enough:

Goldy runs through a number of complaints about her time at CPAC, though those complaints really do come down mainly to her not thinking the organizers are anti-immigration enough. Her tweets retweets tell the story of increasing frustration about how there wasn't enough focus on her pet issue:

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More Fallout From the Yellow Vests Convoy: Video Exposes Major Fault Lines

Tue, 02/26/2019 - 20:35
I had asked the folks at Yellow Vests Canada Exposed for a brief overview of the event. This is what they were kind enough to provide:
As I have mentioned via our Facebook and Twitter pages, I was at the 'United We Roll' yellow vest rally in Ottawa. To me, the most important thing worth mentioning about the rally was the low numbers. So... good job? I guess? #YellowVestsCanada #cdnpoli— Yellow Vests Canada Exposed (@VestsCanada) February 20, 2019
 I counted 90 trucks, which was a far cry from the hundreds promised. Before the rally I predicted 80. I counted 200-300 people, but others have counted less than 200. Before the rally I predicted 400-500. There were also around 50 counter protesters. When the trucks finally rolled out, there were more counter protesters left than supporters watching them leave. I did personally view representatives from a few couple hate groups, mainly C3 and Northern Guard. I also saw other far right figures. Faith Goldy was in attendance, as well as lesser known figures such as Derek Storie and Rick Boswick. I believe some of the yellow vest supporters were Proud Boys, but I was unable to verify.I did witness one Yellow Vest supporter shouting into a bull horn at the mostly indigenous counter protesters, that 'oil pays for their welfare'. I also saw Derek Storie and Pat King (UWR organizer) mocking the indigenous drumming. The loudest crowd I heard, was when Faith Goldy stood on the lift truck. Lots of booing, and chants of  'nazi scum, off our streets', and 'Faith Goldy's a nazi'. They kept using the horns on the semis to drown out the counter protesters. It was really obnoxious, which if I could use one word to describe the entire rally, that would be it. This next picture made the whole experience worth it though.
#YellowVestsCanada Are we done embarrassing ourselves yet?— Yellow Vests Canada Exposed (@VestsCanada) February 21, 2019

In short, the "United We Roll"/Yellow Vests Convoy to Ottawa turned out to be at best disappointing and at worst a PR disaster that politicians who embraced it are now trying to justify in light of the white nationalist ties:

And thanks to this find by YVC Exposed, there's more.
Since the end of the convoy there have been accusations of financial irregularities, personal rivalries coming out into the open, and anger over how participants were treated. One of those individuals, Bruce Ruddi, posted the following video to Facebook. The video is over two hours in length (I didn't have time to cut out the juicy parts) and there's a fair amount of shouting, but it is worth watching if only to see how quickly these reactionaries turn on each other: 

Marc "Tyler" Malenfant of Yellow Vests Canada: The Dangers of Dehumanization

Sun, 02/24/2019 - 22:26
I still plan on posting a report on the events of last week in Ottawa, however I thought I'd first dive back into the reactionary Yellow Vests Canada Facebook page created and administered by Marc "Tyler" Malenfant. Malenfant was one of the early boosters of the Yellow Vest Convoy to Ottawa which rebranded as United We Roll. As the folks at Yellow Vests Canada Exposed have noted, there is a lot of infighting now regarding the distributions of funds by the the man who is the face of the protest movement and Malenfant comes out to defend him in his usual over-the-top manner:

For Malenfant, there always has to be an enemy and a dark, sinister, conspiracy that he discusses using over-the-top hyperbole, nonsensical generalizations, outright lies, and logical fallacies such as creating a strawman. It has become the hallmark of his online presence. I provide a few other recent posts on the Facebook group as illustrative examples:

"Even better."

"Even more."

What does any of what he wrote there even mean?

Malenfant's rhetoric appears to becoming increasingly.... odd?Unhinged? Evangelical, end time, apocalyptic?

Take for example the "pep talk" he gave to members of the Yellow Vests Canada Facebook group prior to the Ottawa convoy:

Read more »

Preview: The Aftermath of the Yellow Vest Convoy

Fri, 02/22/2019 - 19:16
Excellent radio segment from @MineerBrett on the #YellowVestsCanada and #UnitedWeRoll movement’s various ties to extremism, and about holding our leaders accountable. #cdnpoli— Yellow Vests Canada Exposed (@VestsCanada) February 22, 2019

I was on a business trip during the actual rally portion of the United We Roll/Yellow Vest Convoy to Ottawa. There was a time when I would be sorry about not being able to cover such an event since ARC was for so long one of the few sites documenting the activities of racist extremists. However with the Canadian Anti-Hate Network and Yellow Vests Canada Exposed, I had no doubt that the story would still be told.

I've asked the folks behind the Yellow Vests Canada Exposed if they would be willing to write an account of the two days. A spokesperson has agreed to do so and I hope that something will be ready to be published during the next few days. In the meantime, it appears that the convoy might have ended up as a bit of a disaster as relatively few showed up, the convoy wasn't quite as (grass roots) as claimed (some of the participants were quite literally "paid protesters), those that did include white supremacists and white nationalists, and there is now accusations by some of the participants that money raised has not been distributed leaving some struggling to find a way back home:
It would be very embarrassing for white nationalists if every Canadian saw this photo #cdnpoli— North99 (@wearenorth99) February 22, 2019• there’s Carritt in a yellow vest, which he supposedly isn’t
• We’re inclined to think more than sour grapes. At minimum it’s pretty mismanaged.
• $40k & $140k donated to the poor destitute people to go on a road trip
• What a dick. #cdnpoli— Yellow Vests Canada Exposed (@VestsCanada) February 22, 2019— Yellow Vests Canada Exposed (@VestsCanada) February 22, 2019— Yellow Vests Canada Exposed (@VestsCanada) February 22, 2019More financial troubles, legal issues, and confirmation that some convoy participants were company-sponsored, paid protestors.

Including one of the admins of Yellow  Vest Rebellion, a large FB group. #SmellsLikeAstroturf #YellowVestsCanada #cdnpoli— Yellow Vests Canada Exposed (@VestsCanada) February 22, 2019Woywitka was company sponsored and is one of the admins of Yellow Vest Rebellion: #cdnpoli #YellowVestsCanada— Yellow Vests Canada Exposed (@VestsCanada) February 22, 2019— Yellow Vests Canada Exposed (@VestsCanada) February 22, 2019A white nationalist will be speaking at the #YellowVestsCanada rally in Toronto on Saturday because they aren't racists. #cndpoli #antifa— Yellow Vests Canada Exposed (@VestsCanada) February 21, 2019Still, a number of high profile conservative politicians, including Scheer and Bernier, came out to support the extremists:

People are calling them "Neon Nazis"...— leadnow (@leadnowca) February 20, 2019

More detail in the next few days.

More Extremists Associated With Yellow Vests Convoy to Ottawa: Christopher Hayes

Mon, 02/18/2019 - 20:17
Well it seems the efforts of Yellow Jackets Canada Exposed and the Canadian Anti-Hate Network (and perhaps to some small extent my own) have resulted in a statement regarding David Selvers from someone who looks to be an organizer for the convoy:

Well that's just lovely, however his Facebook post last night sort of belies that claim:

In the meantime, Selvers has taken to complaining about how he's the victim of a smear campaign for.... you know.... posting exactly what he himself wrote on his blog:

If you would like to be reminded about who Dave Selvers is and what he has written, feel free to click on the following links:

Not that Selvers isn't without his champions:

Deon R. Doiron has responded to Tweets by ARC, Yellow Vests Canada Exposed, and the Canadian Anti-Hate Network that both support Selvers and the convoy:

Then there's this:

And in further news that will surprise almost no one, Doiron is a supporter of Bernier's PPC and claims to be a "founding member":

Shocked! I'm shocked!

Well, not so shocked actually.
Getting back to the Convoy to Ottawa event, while it is nice that Jason Corbeil claims that Selvers is just a "bad apple" and not indicative of the beliefs of the others involved, it takes very little to find more examples of "bad apples" like Selvers.
With that, let me reacquaint readers with someone who hasn't appeared on the blog for a while, Christopher Hayes:
 Christopher Hayes first came to ARC's attention when, as someone linked to the Soldiers of Odin through his own support and through his brother who was a chapter leader in Saskatchewan, he was arrested for making threats against the Prime Minister. Hayes was eventually convicted and spent roughly a year on probation. 
He was also active in his support of the III% militia:

In addition to his anti-government (and anti-vaccination, btw) stance, Hayes was also virulently Islamophobic:

 During this time he was drawn to and became a member of the WCAI (Worldwide Coalition Against Islam), soon becoming the Saskatchewan "captain":
Here his is promoting both the WCAI and their protest outside a Red Deer high school where members of the the WCAI harassed school administration and students:
He also spoke at WCAI events in Calgary, including the ill fated MEGA Patriot Rally that turned out to be considerably less than mega:
In short, Christopher Hayes appears to be kind of person, an extremist member and supporter of several hate groups, that Jason Corbeil says is decidedly NOT welcome in their convoy.
And yet....

Yeah, Christopher Hayes is one of the participants in the Ottawa convoy:Read more »

Racist Yellow Vest Supporter David Selvers and Millennium Crane Rentals Fined $70,000 In Workplace Death Incident

Mon, 02/18/2019 - 00:52
I have the best readers. This article is due to one who continued to dig into a figure who appeared in yesterday's blog post.

On Sunday, ARC published a story in which a Yellow Vests supporter David Selvers was profiled:

The Canadian Anti-Hate Network wrote about him and his racist blog (an example of one article is included above) in a great deal of detail as well as his connection to the Yellow Vest convoy traveling to Ottawa:

NEW: Sault Ste. Marie Yellow Vests organizer Dave Selvers calls immigration minister @HonAhmedHussen an “ugly n***** . . . responsible for flooding Canada with useless n***** muslim terrorists.” #YellowVestsCanada convoy to arrive there imminently #cdnpoli— Canadian Anti-Hate Network (@antihateca) February 17, 2019
It turns out he's even more interesting than I had thought.

Selvers is also the owner and president of Millennium Crane Rentals:

Millennium Crane Rentals was also the subject of a "feel good" publicity article this past December in the local Sault Ste. Marie newspaper:
Thank you to David Selvers, President Millenium Crane Rentals for sharing his pictures with Superior Media. The following photo gallery speaks for itself. In honour of the season, Algoma Steel Inc. is pleased to announce they have partnered with Millennium Crane Rentals to resurrect the Christmas Star. The Star was crafted back in the 1980’s by members of Algoma’s Central Trades group. Measuring 29-feet across, the steel framed star was wired with lights and hoisted high in the sky to shine bright over the Steelworks, bestowing goodwill and best wishes to the residents of Sault Ste. Marie.
UPDATE 2: Selvers also testified in the Elliot Lake mall disaster inquiry back in 2013.

On Monday, February 18, Selvers posted the following on Facebook in support of the Yellow Vest convoy which had arrive in Sault Ste. Marie:

However as a result of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network article, he's received some blow back:

The Selvers blog post references the June 2017 Grenfell Tower fire in North Kennsington which resulted in the death of 72 people. It was not a terrorist attack, but which appears to be as a result of government negligence. Given his pronounced Islamophobia it isn't a surprise that he jumped to this conclusion and I suspect it is likely that he still believes it, especially based on the following reply:

Wait.... what?

"I'm the farthest thing from a racist..."

Uhm.... does he know what the word "racist" means?

It doesn't take long to find examples of not only racism, but also incredibly sexist, homophobic, and violent rhetoric on his personal blog, a few examples of which I include below.

A word of warning though. I've been been running the blog for more than 11 years now and this among the worst I've read in years:

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Major Media White Washes Yellow Vests Movement and Convoy to Ottawa: Ignores Racism, Antisemitism, Islamophobia, Homophobia, and Misogyny Endemic to Reactionary Movement

Sun, 02/17/2019 - 18:36
On Tuesday last week, "The National" on CBC uncritically profiled the Yellow Vests movement and provided a forum for overt hate groups such as the former Nouns of Odin now going by the name the Clann. There was little to no mention of the racism rife within the movement and no mention of the violent threats directed towards political figures on the left (or at least those the reactionaries consider to be on the left). As bad as this coverage was, news papers including the "Calgary Herald" and "Toronto Star" provided even worse coverage.

Story: Yesterday CBC The National aired a segment misrepresenting the Yellow Vests Canada movement and it makes no mention of the extent of hate & death threats which characterize the Canada movement. Factcheck: #cdnpoli h/t @VestsCanada @ARCCollective— Canadian Anti-Hate Network (@antihateca) February 14, 2019
Reporting on hate movements and hate groups that misrepresent themselves is difficult. It requires deep research/observation of less public-facing spaces, and/or building on the investigative work of orgs (happy to help) like @VestsCanada @ARCCollective. That didn't happen here.— Canadian Anti-Hate Network (@antihateca) February 14, 2019

While we have concerns about how The National reported on the Yellow Vests Canada mvmt convoy, both the Calgary Herald and Star have published stories with zero reference to the overt racism & death threats which have come to characterize Yellow Vests Canada. Do better. #cdnpoli— Canadian Anti-Hate Network (@antihateca) February 14, 2019

Visit the Yellow Vests Canada Facebook page. It's self-evident their main concern isn't oil and gas, but Muslims, Trudeau, leftists and conspiracies. For the overt racism, death threats, and conspiracy theories about how the Fort Mac fire was done by Muslims, see @VestsCanada.— Canadian Anti-Hate Network (@antihateca) February 14, 2019FYI @TorontoStar @calgaryherald @CBCTheNational @goldsbie @JesseBrown @CANADALAND.

Here are the articles in question:

Also see:— Canadian Anti-Hate Network (@antihateca) February 14, 2019Several outlets have reported on the Yellow Vests Canada convoy without making reference to the overt racism and death threats which have come to characterize the movement. In response, we sent a press release with the facts to every newsroom in Canada. We hope it helps. #cdnpoli— Canadian Anti-Hate Network (@antihateca) February 15, 2019I rarely ascribe intentions to bad reporting. Few news orgs set-out to mislead the public. But a CBC radio report just described a convoy of trucks heading to Ottawa as a movement "with one simple message..Pipelines". Not 1 mention of #YellowVestsCanada or anti-immigrant activism— Jesse Brown (@JesseBrown) February 15, 2019
It was so bad, even Faith Goldy was angry, though I somehow suspect she was angry for different reasons:

The articles however provided cover for right-wing politicians to be able to support the event since they could now claim, citing these news sources, that the Yellow Vest sponsored convoy to Ottawa is solely about oil pipe lines despite what they themselves know to be true:
Jason Kenney and Doug Ford just endorsed the far-right, anti-immigrant United We Roll/Yellow Vests Convoy #cdnpoli #abpoli #onpoli— North99 (@wearenorth99) February 17, 2019

ARC and especially Yellow Vests Canada Exposed and the Canadian Anti-Hate Network have been exposing the racism and violent rhetoric behind the reactionary Yellow Vests movement in Canada for more than two months. We've done what the major media hasn't done; critically examine the ideology underlying this movement and bring to light the people behind it. Those include people like this guy:

Dave Selvers is the organizer for the Yellow Vest Convoy in Sault Ste. Marie:

In a "Sault This Week" article from early January, members of the local Yellow Vest group which included Selvers stated:George Brown, an active member of the Yellow Vests wants to make clear that he and fellow Yellow Vests are not against immigration. It just needs to be “done legally and fulfil needs for Canadians”, to help Canada’s homeless and destitute, Canada’s veterans and first nations, Brown said. Yellow Vesters are not against helping those who must flee their countries because of violence and corruption, he added. “Those in the middle east both Christian and Muslim need to be looked after”.Given his association with the paranoid M103 protests though, one might pause to question Selvers' own (as well as the movement in general) commitment to protecting refugees and supporting immigration:

In fact the Canadian Anti-Hate Network has reported that this Yellow Vest Convoy supporter and local organizer has a long history of posting racist, Islamophobic, and misogynistic comments on social media:
NEW: Sault Ste. Marie Yellow Vests organizer Dave Selvers calls immigration minister @HonAhmedHussen an “ugly n***** . . . responsible for flooding Canada with useless n***** muslim terrorists.” #YellowVestsCanada convoy to arrive there imminently #cdnpoli— Canadian Anti-Hate Network (@antihateca) February 17, 2019
My own dive into his Facebook profile found a gun-obsessed, conspiracy-minded individual who revels in his hatred of Muslims and "non-white" Canadians and who has called for the execution of Canadian politicians:Read more »

ID Canada Facebook Page Deleted Resulting in Much Crying and Gnashing of Teeth

Sat, 02/16/2019 - 13:21
The big event this weekend is of course the reactionary Yellow Vests convoy to Ottawa which Yellow Vests Canada Exposed and the Canadian Anti-Hate Network have been doing a fantastic job of covering. I'll probably be addressing the event some time later this weekend as well sourcing their very through work. In the meantime, there's been some significant news on the ID Canada front.

Again if you aren't following either, you really should be.

ID Canada of course is the identitarian (read: white nationalist) group that was originally called Generation Identity Canada before rebranding. In a recent article I discussed the very cozy relationship that ID Canada had with some current and past personalities associated with Ezra Levant's Rebel Media. I also very briefly mentioned a Generation Identity Canada Facebook page that had been removed by Facebook some years ago before I had an opportunity to see it for myself.

Well, looks like history has repeated itself, but in a more significant way:

Not only was the Facebook group permanently banned, but so were the leaders' own profiles.

Of course, they are now erroneously crying "censorship!" despite not actually being censored because being banned for violating the terms and services of your user agreement (or a private company not wishing to be associated with your rather noxious brand) isn't actually censorship. At all.

And while they were a bit smug about the efforts of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network's efforts to combat their flyering campaigns, they now are whining about being picked on:

Funny. I thought tears were salty. Turns out they can be quite sweet.

In a move that won't surprise anyone, white nationalist Faith Goldy also tweeted about the banning in support of her fellow travelers:

The video in which she promotes the hate group, alludes to the banning of the group on Facebook as part of a Trudeau conspiracy, advocates the government taking over a private company for the benefit of the far-right, and attacks the Canadian Anti-Hate Network as "the enemy" which says a lot about the good work the Canadian Anti-Hate Network is doing:

On that note, if anyone would like to donate to the Canadian Anti-Hate Network and piss off white nationalist Faith Goldy even more, please click on this link.

Now the removal of ID Canada and their leadership for Facebook might not seem like a big deal, but it is one less avenue they now have to promote themselves and their toxic views. De-platforming works. Ask Laura Loomer or Milo Yiannopoulos for example.... I mean if you can find them between they occasional desperate publicity stunt to get peoples' attention because they have few other avenues to do so.



More Threats From Yellow Vesters. More History of Criminal Conduct

Tue, 02/12/2019 - 21:34
So, remember that time when it was reported that a reactionary Yellow Vest Supporter had been arrested for pointing a gun at a police officer and then was found to have an arsenal of weapons, some of which were illegal?

Well.... not so funny story. Seems another guy who supports the reactionary Yellow Vesters had a very similar history and is currently making threats online:

EXCLUSIVE: Yellow Vests Canada supporter threatens to kill law enforcement, claims to have cache of weapons. Gregory McNeil of Kamloops, BC was charged in 2010 after drawing a gun on RCMP officers. h/t @VestsCanada— Canadian Anti-Hate Network (@antihateca) February 12, 2019
We co-wrote this article with @antihateca . A yellow vest supporter threatened to kill law enforcement. He also claims he and his friends have gun caches. @rcmpgrcpolice @CBCNews @vicecanada @CANADALAND @HuffPostCanada @TorontoStar @globalnews @ARCCollective @wearenorth99— Yellow Vests Canada Exposed (@VestsCanada) February 12, 2019

Yep, another one, though he hasn't been arrested recently as far as I know.

More confirmation that this is a feature of the reactionary Yellow Vest protest movement and not a bug.

And as readers of this blog as well as those who follow Yellow Vests Canada Exposed and the Canadian Anti-Hate Network (and if you don't, you should) know, this is only the tip of the iceberg:

You can witness online radicalization in real time on this #YellowVestsCanada thread. @facebook is being used to radicalize. #cdnpoli@OmarMosleh @MineerBrett @DACrosbie @ryanjespersen @CdnPress @simonplittle @JessMarinDavis @keithbaldrey @SiobhanFTB— Yellow Vests Canada Exposed (@VestsCanada) February 13, 2019

allows this to continue.— Yellow Vests Canada Exposed (@VestsCanada) February 13, 2019

The Cozy Relationship Between Rebel Media Personalities (Past and Present) and White Nationalist Generation Identity/ID Canada

Sun, 02/10/2019 - 21:01
Back on July 2, 2016 a rally and counter protest occurred at Queens Park in Toronto which in and of itself wasn't especially unusual. On this day were those who were demonstrating in support of al-Quds Day. On the other side were counter-protesters including the Jewish Defence League and supporters of the then newish Pegida Canada. While this event in and of itself would have been worth looking into in more detail had I been more on the ball at the time, it was what I have subsequently learned about what was happening on the periphery as a lone individual observed and commented on the event that I now find especially interesting:

The individual observing the event is seen above commenting on 4chan which is one of the toxic cesspools found online rife with racism, sexism, Islamophobia, and antisemitism. The individual took a number of photographs documenting his or her presence at the event:

The posts made by the individual (highlighted in red) and others certainly conform to the vicious hatred that one would expect to find on 4chan as well:

In some cases I've included the comment being responded too and combined it with the reply.

Now if I were to post every racist thing posted on 4chan, even if I confined myself to including only Canadian posts I'd be too busy to do anything else with my day. The reason why this particular thread is compelling is because of this comment in which the individual claims to be a writer for Rebel Media as well as being on the administrative team for Generation Identity Canada:

Generation Identity Canada, now rebranded as ID Canada, was barely on my radar at the time this post was made. I was somewhat aware of the movement in Europe but was more focused on more public groups such as the Soldiers of Odin and Pegida Canada. Over the past few years however this particular "identitarian" group and the movement in general has come to occupy a fair amount of my time.

Now while regular readers are likely all well aware of who Generation Identity/ID Canada is as well as the beliefs the membership holds at this point there may be a few new readers who would like a bit of a primer:

I can't speak to the truthfulness of claims the person posting these messaged made regarding his or her involvement with both Rebel Media or Generation Identity. I haven't been able to find any video on "The Rebel's" website that match the description of what was described and the original Generation Identity Canada Facebook page has long since gone the way of the Dodo only to replaced by a new Facebook group. However, one thing that is very clear is that current and former members of the Rebel Media team have had a very close relationship with Generation Identity/Generation Identity Canada/ID Canada over the years and have spent a lot of time promoting the group (full video "Exposure Undercover: Inside Britain's New Far Right can be found here):

Read more »

Reactionary Yellow Vests Supporter Arrested: Numerous Weapons Charges

Fri, 02/08/2019 - 20:48
Back on January 28, an off-duty RCMP officer heard a man calling for a lost dog. When he tried to help the man whose name is Tony Green, this happened:
When the officer attempted to help the man locate his dog, Green allegedly pulled out a pistol and pointed it at him. The officer then removed himself from the situation, called 911, and responding Mounties quickly arrested Green. A handgun and ammunition were seized from the car he was driving.Not exactly the best way to make friends and influence people.

Green faces six charges including, "pointing a firearm, possession dangerous to public, carrying a concealed weapon and unauthorized possession." He also amassed a considerable arsenal in his home as well:
RCMP on Vancouver Island have seized more than 100 firearms after executing a search warrant in Campbell River.....That night, police began what turned into a four-day search of Green’s property, in which they seized three full pick-up truckloads of guns, ammunition and prohibited devices. Police said the search was temporarily delayed when explosive materials were found and a disposal unit was called to the scene. “More than 100 guns, handguns, shotguns and assault-style rifles were seized. Many were prohibited firearms such as a WWII Bren machine gun with a tripod,” said an RCMP media release. “Investigators also located what can be described as homemade silencers, zip guns, prohibited over capacity magazines and untraceable firearms.”Well it turns out that Mr. Green is someone who happens to be ideologically aligned with the reactionary Yellow Vest movement in the country:

We're waiting for confirmation on this, but it looks like a #YellowVestsCanada member has been arrested for pointing a gun at an off-duty RCMP officer. His home was searched, and the police seized many weapons and explosives.— Yellow Vests Canada Exposed (@VestsCanada) February 9, 2019
This is Tony Green from Campbell River. His Facebook profile is very pro-gun.— Yellow Vests Canada Exposed (@VestsCanada) February 9, 2019

He is very pro yellow vest convoy. I certainly hope this person with so many weapons and explosives wasn't going to Ottawa.— Yellow Vests Canada Exposed (@VestsCanada) February 9, 2019

 And yeah, he is very pro-gun....

.... and very anti-government:

In one example on his Facebook profile, Green shares an image originally posted by the new head of the III% militia which appears to attempt to provide justification for the violent overthrow of a democratically elected government:

Considering he appears to have ties to the reactionary Yellow Vesters which has been documented (primarily by the incredible Yellow Vests Canada Exposed) as having supporters who routinely threaten and advocate for the death of the prime minister as well as at least tacit support for the III% militia, I can't help be a bit concerned about heavily armed individuals being among their members, especially when they are already prone to far-right paranoid conspiracy theories:

And, not surprising, he is also found in the web connections between people covered on the blog including Ronny Cameron, Jeff Sharpe, Sandra Solomon, Adam Stevenson, Georges Hallack, Georges Massaad, Darren Tibbo (WCAI member), Dan Dubois, Lynn Redden, Brad Salzburg, and Kevin Johnston among others:

I wonder if anyone associated with the Yellow Vests convoy to Ottawa plans on being armed to the teeth as well?

February 2019 Bits and Bites

Wed, 02/06/2019 - 22:53
You know, the reactionary Yellow Vesters really are doing a poor job of vetting their supporters.... unless the presence of neo-Nazis is a feature and not a bug (spoiler: it is a feature):

Pictured here is Brian Ruhe, friend and supporter of Paul Fromm, Holocaust denier, antisemite, and a quite literal Hitler worshiper:

ARC has of course profiled Ruhe a few times on the blog already:

Then again, Ruhe does really fit in to the reactionary Yellow Vester crowd given what ARC and especially Yellow Vests Canada Exposed have dug up. In fact others have decided to document the hatred and vitriol the supporters of this vitriolic movement has promoted, including on their own personal Facebook profiles:
@ARCCollective— ClydeGronk (@clydegronk) February 6, 2019

But then the violent Islamophobic rhetoric isn't confined to the reactionary Yellow Vesters. As the sentencing for the 2017 Quebec City mosque murderer is imminent, members and supporters of the Canadian Combat Coalition have some things to say.... all of which are absolutely disgusting:

With all this in mind and considering the numerous threats made by reactionary Yellow Vesters, I'm just going to leave this here to do with as you please:
Here is a list of hotels for the #YellowVestsCanada convoy to Ottawa. Please contact the hotels and mention that they are giving group rates to a hate group. @ARCCollective @YYCantiracist

If they question this, please direct them to the information that we have provided.— Yellow Vests Canada Exposed (@VestsCanada) February 6, 2019
Back in Alberta, a mosque received a threatening note demanding Muslims leave the province:
We are alarmed to find that another mosque in #yeg has been targeted by what appears to be the work of the clann.@jkenney should know that this is what antisemitism looked like ~100 years ago when antisemitic literature had been floating around freely. It didn't end well.— Calgary Anti-Racist Action (@YYCantiracist) February 6, 2019
It appears that the note comes from the Clann of which Ryan Dean and Tyson Hunt are members. The note, as well as the subsequent denial by Dean on the Clann Twitter account, seems to be another example of Dean trying to create his own false flag straw man in an effort to blame others:Read more »

The Clann Agreement to Speak to Members of Al Rashid Mosque Made in Bad Faith

Mon, 02/04/2019 - 22:49
Last week the Clann which is an amalgam of the Wolves of Odin (which was formerly the Soldiers of Odin), Patriot Pride Canada, Canadian Infidels, Odin's Heathens, and a partridge in a pear tree harassed members of an Edmonton mosque. They claimed to be innocent lambs there only to ask questions and to use the toilet, though it seems rather odd that someone would preemptively broadcast his visit to said toilet and dare the media to report on it.... almost as if it was all a ruse to create both controversy and plausible deniability:

It is also hard to believe that they were the open-minded fellas they claimed to have been who simply wanted to discuss a holy book when one of the photos they proudly posted included this one....

.... as well as posting images such as this on your Twitter account three days later....

.... and posting a map of Edmonton-area mosques three days prior to the visit....

.... and finally a call to recruit "surveillance units and "gray men" to support the cause:

Ryan Dean really wants to play at being a soldier, though he would
never pass the physical or any of the psychological tests. 

The video that Tyson Hunt posted of the encounter outside Al Rashid Mosque was rather interesting. Both Hunt and Dean appear to believe that the video made them look reasonable and the two men speaking to them appear like fanatics:

Alternate title for screen shot: "Muslim Wearing Pants Is Scary"

In fact, the video posted by Hunt indicates a spectacular amount of patience on the part of the two men who spoke to Hunt and Dean:

Of course, Ryan Dean (who operates the Clann Twitter account) considers that they are the REAL victims because they are white.... all the while accusing the people they harassed at Al Rashid Mosque of playing the victim card:

And of course, they are also angry at the media for reporting on the story in a way that didn't make them appear as if they were the heroes of the story:
Read more »