Gov. Kay Ivey’s hurtful history and the way forward

Southern Poverty Law Center - Sat, 08/31/2019 - 12:18
Alabama Governor Kay Ivey joins a growing list of elected leaders forced to admit that they once painted their faces black and performed racist skits or minstrel shows.

Weekend Read: Trump’s anti-immigrant campaign gets even crueler

Southern Poverty Law Center - Fri, 08/30/2019 - 09:30
The list of cruelties that the Trump administration is inventing in its zeal to punish migrants and their children keeps getting longer and more extreme.

Weekend Read: Trump’s anti-immigrant campaign get even crueler

Southern Poverty Law Center - Fri, 08/30/2019 - 09:30
The list of cruelties that the Trump administration is inventing in its zeal to punish migrants and their children keeps getting longer and more extreme.


Stand Up To Racism - Fri, 08/30/2019 - 04:04
Mobilising against Robinson’s supporters this August in London

Last Saturday at the BBC, in central London, the state of the British far right was clear for all to see.

Only around 100 fascists gathered to support the key figurehead of the British far right, Stephen Yaxley Lennon aka Tommy Robinson. … Read the rest

YWN Sentencing Update: St. Germaine gets 1 year House Arrest, Sears out on Bail

After James Sears was led away in handcuffs last week, the sentencing of LeRoy St. Germaine to one year house arrest for promoting hatred against women and Jews is anti-climactic at best. While he received the maximum one year penalty (6 months/count), he avoided jail time because, according to Justice Blouin, his Indigenous heritage and poor health (heart and lung problems) needed to be taken into account. He added that "although Mr. St. Germaine was aware of the content of Your Ward News as edited by Sears, there is no evidence he created any of it.” St. Germaine also expressed regret about the direction the paper took after Sears came on board. Previously it went after "dirty politicians" and St. Germaine said he would like that to become the focus once again. 

While I appreciate the validity of some of the mitigating factors in this case, I don't believe justice was served in deciding St. Germaine should avoid jail time altogether. His lack of respect for Your Ward News' victims is striking. When offered the option of a sentencing circle, he declined because he did not want to apologize. Outside of court today, when asked what he would say to his victims, he stated they should "suck it up and get over it." 

Leroy St. Germaine has just walked out of the College Park Courthouse. Germaine tells @CityNews he doesn’t believe any of the articles posted on Your Ward News included hate speech. He also plans to appeal his conviction.— Adrian Ghobrial (@CityAdrian) August 29, 2019  
Then, of course, likening Sears to Christ and saying the paper will be back blows any assertion of St. Germaine's regret or desire to distance himself from Sears out of the water: 

And while St. Germaine evidently didn't write any of the hateful material that's in violation of S319(2) of the criminal code, as publisher, he had the final say in whether to print those words and images. I believe that responsibility should carry more weight in Justice Blouin's courtroom. 

As St. Germaine begins organizing his appeal, Sears' is already underway and he is out on a mere $500 bail. His bail conditions include taking Your Ward News offline, refraining from contacting any of his victims, and, the most challenging for Sears, not making any public statements. His new lawyer, criminal defence attorney Ian McCuaig, will have quite the challenge in convincing the court that Sears' conviction and sentence was arbitrary, politically motivated, and "too harsh." 

EDIT 1: Ian McCuaig acted as St. Germaine's attorney for the initial trial and sentencing. Obviously Sears liked the work he did enough to retain him for the appeal. It is unknown whether McCuaig will continue to act for St. Germaine as well. A preliminary investigation did not show McCuaig having any obvious racist or far right sympathies. However, more digging will be done to confirm.

At the time of writing, it is unknown whether Sears and St. Germaine's appeals will be heard together or when the appeals will begin. However, it is clear that for their victims, closure is still months away.

You can read the full background of this sentencing circus below:

Far Right Infighting Part ∞ + 1: Alberta Northern Guard Split

This is late in coming not because ARC wasn't following it practically in real time but because we wanted to see where it was going. We do however have to thank the folks with Edmonton Against Fascism for covering this from the start and keeping us up to date.

Oh, let's not get ahead of ourselves. We'll get to Kyle Sizler in just a moment.

A few months ago there was a changing of the guard in the Alberta Northern.... er.... Guard.

This past spring Jeremy Clark appears to have left his position as head of the Alberta Northern Guard which allowed Kyle Puchalski taking over:

Prior to this he had been in a leadership position in Calgary were he and his fellow boneheads I mean Northern Guard members as well as Calgary Soldiers of Odin members participated in a few patrols of the city which, if we're being really honest, amounted to preening and strutting in areas of well lit and relative low crime while another member took pictures of them:

The guy sporting the Northern Guard emblazoned leather vest and the yellow hoodie is fashion icon Kyle Silzer seen here in one of his more contemplative moments:

Silzer also became a member of the Northern Guard around spring time. He referred to the hate group as his "new family" and was welcomed with open arms by Puchalski:

Awww! They even included heart emojis!

So when it was time for the new provincial head of the NG to appoint individuals to leadership positions, Silzer was one of the first who was picked:

Yeah.... you ALL already know where this is going:




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PRESS RELEASE: Anti racists outnumber rump of fascist supporters of jailed Nazi Robinson

Stand Up To Racism - Sat, 08/24/2019 - 08:35
Some 250 Stand Up To Racism and other anti-fascist groups took to the streets today in opposition to fascist supporters of jailed ‘Tommy Robinson’ (real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) at Oxford Circus. A rump of 100, apparently including followers of fascist fake ‘Yellow Vest’ James Goddard, and other supporters of Robinson gathered outside the BBC, despite the official march by the far right being cancelled. … Read the rest

Weekend Read: ICE’s deliberate cruelty

Southern Poverty Law Center - Fri, 08/23/2019 - 09:37
Five days after taking office, President Trump signed “Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States” – an executive order calling for the hiring of thousands of new Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents and the use of state and local police to enforce immigration law.

Your Ward News Sentencing Update: One Down. One to Go.

As the sentencing hearing for Your Ward News editor, James Sears, and publisher, LeRoy St. Germaine, resumed this afternoon, I started taking bets with friends about whether it would drag on longer. It was clear after my last post that Paul Fromm, if no one else, maintained his enthusiasm and I felt like this case was not done yet.

My personal bet was that St. Germaine would be sentenced today and that the Sears grandstanding circus would continue.

I was completely wrong.

BREAKING NEWS James Sears of Your Ward News sentenced to one year in prison for hate. Stay tuned.— BernieFarber (@BernieFarber) August 22, 2019
In deciding that Sears could not reopen the case, Justice Blouin not only put an end to Sears' shenanigans, but also cleared his lawyer, Dean Embry, of any wrongdoing. He clearly stated that "Mr. Embry approached the case tactically and professionally. This was not incompetence or worse. This was a lawyer doing his job. It just didn't work."

In sentencing, Blouin did not mince words. He stated that “any position communicated that essentially denies that an entire half of the world's population are human beings is so outrageously reprehensible that the word ‘hate’ is starkly inadequate." He went on to explicitly make the important link between online/printed hate and extremist violence when he added, "Mr. Sears...promoted hate to a vast audience in an era where online exposure to this material inexorably leads to extremism and the potential for mass casualties."

In his Reasons for Sentence, which can be read in its entirety at the end of this piece, he concluded:

Looking at the appropriate sentence through the lens of fundamental principle of sentencing in s 718.1 (that is the gravity of the offence and the degree of responsibility of the offender), my view is that both counts should attract an 18-month jail term. Obviously, as indicated above, the procedural maximum sentence I am permitted to impose is one of six months on each count (consecutive). Accordingly, Mr. Sears will be incarcerated for one year." 
This declaration caused emotional responses from some of the fash who, according to sources, were out in force to support Sears and St. Germaine. Thanks to some great reporting from Adrian Ghobrial, we've been able to piece together some of the aftermath. First, a woman started ugly crying saying "that's not right" and ran from the room.

A woman in a blue dress, who’s obviously a James Sears supporter ran out of the courtroom crying.— Adrian Ghobrial (@CityAdrian) August 22, 2019
This woman, apparently, wasn't Sears' wife. Said wife brought their young son up to say goodbye and collected Sears' personal effects, except for one important item he decided to keep with him.

Before being led away in handcuffs, James Sears gave all his belongings to a woman he identified as his wife, who was holding James Sears son in her arms. He gave her all his belongings but repeatedly tells her that he wants to hold onto his “crucifix”— Adrian Ghobrial (@CityAdrian) August 22, 2019
From what I understand, he opted not to hug his family before being put in cuffs. As he was led away, he simply said "see you guys."

While I imagine this was a relief for many of those in attendance, I am somewhat disappointed that we will now never see the "impressive list" of expert witnesses Sears and Fromm were working on. The ironic thing is, since Sears fired his lawyer and created all this extra work for his friends and the court, he may now have to do a lot of extra work himself while he attempts to navigate the process for requesting an appeal, and possibly bail pending said appeal, which seems fitting, really.

There was one small victory for Sears, however. The Crown had requested that as part of his probation he be prohibited from writing or publishing anything for three years. Blouin agreed with Embry's assertion that that was too broad, saying that he was entitled to his free speech rights and that he was free to publish anything he wants, "even if unpopular and objectionable, as long as his words do not offend the Criminal Code." It will be interesting to see what, if anything, Sears feels inclined to publish in the future.

In the matter of LeRoy St. Germaine, Blouin indicated that since the sentencing circle option did not work out, he would need more time to prepare to for his sentencing. Court will resume August 29th for St. Germaine.

One down. One to go.


You can read the background from this sentencing circus at the following links:

James Sears, Editor of Racist, Antisemitic, and Misogynistic Rag "Your Ward News" Sentenced To One Year

More information will posted in another article but in the meantime here are a few reactions:

James Sears, who was convicted of two counts of willfully promoting through his publication, Your Ward News has had his application to have his case reopened denied by Justice Richard Blouin. @CityNews— Adrian Ghobrial (@CityAdrian) August 22, 2019

Justice Blouin says he sees no reason why Sears should serve “any less than 18 months.”— Adrian Ghobrial (@CityAdrian) August 22, 2019

For clarity, the judge said he believed that James Sears deserved 18 months but because the prosecution proceeded with a “summary conviction” James Sears will serve two consecutive six month sentences. So 12-months in jail.— Adrian Ghobrial (@CityAdrian) August 22, 2019

A woman in a blue dress, who’s obviously a James Sears supporter ran out of the courtroom crying.— Adrian Ghobrial (@CityAdrian) August 22, 2019

BREAKING: James Sears, editor of the hateful #YourWardNews publication has been sentenced to 12 months in jail after a being convicted of willful promotion of hate against Jews and women.

Statement forthcoming.— CIJA (@CIJAinfo) August 22, 2019

One year in jail for James Sears for promoting hate against women and Jews. #onpoli #cdnpoli #yourwardnews— Lisa Kinsella (@lisakinsella) August 22, 2019

#BREAKING: Your Ward News editor James Sears sentenced to 1 year for promoting hate— CityNews Toronto (@CityNews) August 22, 2019

More information to come.

KrisAnne Hall Addresses League of the South Chapter

Southern Poverty Law Center - Thu, 08/22/2019 - 05:37
KrisAnne Hall, a self-described “constitutional attorney” who thinks states have the right to secede, recently addressed a neo-Confederate hate group whose goal is to create what the Civil War did not: a separate Southern nation.

Meet A PPC Candidate: People on Social Assistance Should Be Denied Voting Rights

So for a change of pace here's a story that isn't connected to a nihilistic racist death cult.... so far as I know at least.

PressProgress picked up ARC's story on the scuffle between white nationalist Derek Harrison who shoved the nearly 70 year old anti-Muslim conspiracy promoter Tarek Fatah who then proceeded to swat Harrison with his cane. It was an incident where no one came across looking good but I have to say that if you're a man in his later 30s or early 40s and you shove a septuagenarian in almost any context, you're really the asshole.

Derek doesn't seem to feel the same way as he responds to the PressProgress story by accusing Fatah of being a communist and suggesting he go back to his "shit hole country":

I included my own editorializing.
The incident occurred at the PPC meeting where Bernier unveiled his immigration platform such that it is. Harrison himself has become a rather big booster for the PPC and might even be credited with finding them a candidate.
With that in mind, meet Kelly Day:

Day claims to be a former leftist who "walked away" from the ideology. She has also been boosted by the likes of Ezra Levant's "Rebel Media":

Perhaps her most high profile engagement was performing in the UK for football hooligan Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, a man convicted of multiple crimes including numerous assaults, using a false passport (he was trying to enter the United States where he was banned for drug offenses), and mortgage fraud; he's currently serving time after being convicted for breach of the peace and contempt of court. He also has a history with the BNP:
But hey, he hates Muslims so Ezra and company are happy to overlook these character flaws. Here Harrison introduces a video in which Day performing what appears to be the song "Hallelujah" for Yaxley-Lennon but with the lyrics significantly changed:

Leonard Cohen would not approve.

She has also promoted the views of self-styled counter-terrorism Tom Quiggin whose expertise and credentials have been called into question; his primary claim to being an expert on the subject is that he appeared before a parliamentary committee along other "experts" on Islamic extremism as (ironically) Tarek Fatah:

Did you do 30 seconds of background for your @nationalpost story? These are 2 guys in a basement reading Breitbart.— Stephanie Carvin (@StephanieCarvin) August 23, 2016

So of course, Kelly Day is a perfect PPC candidate!

Accepted AND vetted, eh?

Soooo, are the folks in the PPC aware that she agrees people on social assistance shouldn't be allowed to vote?

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Counter protest this Sat, 24 August: Oppose fascist friends of ‘Tommy Robinson’, 12 noon, Oxford Circus

Stand Up To Racism - Wed, 08/21/2019 - 09:37
Wednesday 21 August
Anti racists will oppose fascist friends of jailed Robinson:
London counter protest back on this Saturday, 24 August
On Saturday 3 August, Stand Up To Racism opposed fascist friends of Robinson on a united demonstration alongside other anti fascist organisations, and together outnumbered the far right 800 to 300 in a humiliating defeat for jailed Robinson and his racist, far right and fascist supporters
Stand Up To Racism’s counter demonstration opposing fascist supporters of jailed fascist ‘Tommy Robinson’ (real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) for Saturday 24 August is now back on. … Read the rest

Maryland teacher incorporates hard lessons about slavery into public school curriculum

Southern Poverty Law Center - Tue, 08/20/2019 - 09:59
At a workshop for teachers about educating children on American slavery, one instructor grew angry and insisted that Thomas Jefferson – who fathered biracial children with an enslaved woman on one of his plantations – was an advocate for racial equality.

Letter declaring opposition to racist populism of Johnson &Trump: 24 July 2019

Stand Up To Racism - Tue, 08/20/2019 - 05:48

Published Wednesday 24 July, 2019

Donald Trump’s racist attack on four black congresswomen highlighted a central plank of “Trumpism”—to normalise a level of racism previously deemed unacceptable.

It seems ludicrous that Trump claimed, “I don’t have a racist bone in my body”. … Read the rest

Patrik Mathews: Once Again, Sometimes Life Comes At You Hard

And in  the case of Patrik Mathews, very hard.

ATTN: Swat teams are now in Beausejour. In this video you can hear his commanding officer call him to come out of the house. He was seen leaving the house in cuffs. If we have anymore information we will update it here. #mbpoli #wpgpoli #cdnpoli— Peg City Don’t Play (@FF1_ywg) August 20, 2019
UPDATE: People claiming to know Mathews (went through basic training or worked with him) occurring on Reddit.

Yes, the FRC and ADF Are Hate Groups. Here’s Why!

Southern Poverty Law Center - Mon, 08/19/2019 - 14:03
I was in love, about to be married, and never could have imagined that my life would soon be intertwined with an unimaginable amount of hate from strangers who wanted to tear apart everything I held dear.

SPLC, allies sue ICE for ignoring medical, mental health and disability needs of detained immigrants

Southern Poverty Law Center - Mon, 08/19/2019 - 11:22
Faour Abdallah Fraihat, who ran a successful construction business for years in California, is currently in the custody of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).