New Deputy National Security Adviser Was Longtime Board Member of Anti-Muslim Hate Group

Southern Poverty Law Center - Mon, 01/14/2019 - 10:23
Charles M. Kupperman, the newly appointed deputy national security adviser, previously served on the board of directors for the anti-Muslim hate group Center for Security Policy (CSP).

Yellow Vest Reactionaries Still Posting Their Murder Fantasies To Main Group

First, it looks perhaps like Mr. Malenfant has some explaining to do:

The Yellow Vest reactionaries are being called out for the threats to murder Trudeau (as well as members of his cabinet, Liberal MPs, NDP MPS, journalists, etc), however as noted in a recent article they continue to deny the existence of these threats even when it is easy to search for them.
Sometimes the denial of reality is damn near surreal:

First, "racism does not exist in Canada."

This is something that someone actually wrote, presumably with a straight face.
Second, nobody wants the Prime Minister dead. So all the posts demanding his execution for treason (treason as defined by this crowd as "we don't like you or agree with legitimate legislation your government has passed as well as blaming you for things out of your control and any crazy conspiracy we can think of"), lynching him, and assassinating him are all metaphorical.
Let's put that claim to the test, shall we? The last part of Austin Guy's missive is to post, "simple bullet proof statements":

I did a quick search to see what sort of "bullet proof statements" could be found on the Yellow Vests Canada group page. Here is a small sample:

 I'm not sure that the bullets these cranks are writing about are metaphorical.

Guest Article: Schism in Edmonton Reactionary Yellow Vest Protest

I admit that I haven't been following the various reactionary Yellow Vest protests in every community where they are occurring unless something jumps out at me (like the participation of former Aryan Guard member and supporter Tom Trenerry and Dara Graham respectively). So on January 5 when the Yellow Vesters arrived at Churchill Square and the Edmonton Legislature for their weekly whine, I didn't pay all that much attention other than to note that their numbers had declined.

Seems I missed something rather significant as the individuals counter protesting observed and have kindly shared with ARC. Seems that Ryan Dean is continuing to be a glorious dumpster fire:
On January 5th, there were two rallies planned for Edmonton. The first was at the Legislature and the second was at Sir Winston Churchill Square. A few days before, we became aware that Ryan Dean (Odin's Heathens/Canadian Infidels/III%/PATRIOT PRIDE CANADA WIDE) was planning a counter-protest for the Churchill Square event because of an apparent issue with Stephen Garvey and the National Citizens Alliance (NCA).We sent a small fraction of our group to scope out the Legislature rally because we had decided to focus our organizing on counter-protesting the Churchill Square rally. Some stayed a safe distance back while another group of us tried to get a bit closer to hear more clearly what was being said and to get a sense of the size of the crowd. We were immediately confronted by someone from the rally who greeted us with homophobia, misogyny, and a question about a permit. When the cops came, he claimed we were invading his space.We didn't make it much further before being met with a police line and a line of Nouns of Odin [NOTE: "Nouns of Odin" is a term I'm definitely using this in the future!]. There was probably a dozen or so rally attendees who stopped paying attention to the speeches and focused their attention on us. Three yellow vests approached us from behind, holding up anti-UN and pro-pipeline signs. When the cops told them they needed to approach the rally from the other side, the approaching yellow vests became annoyed.We stuck around for a few more minutes before deciding to leave and organize for the Churchill Square event. The Nouns of Odin/Canadian Infidels quickly declared this a victory over Antifa.
Upon arriving at Churchill Square, we were surprised at how few people were there. Stephen Garvey, someone in a yellow vest, and a handful of cops.A few more yellow vests and even more cops showed up, but the event seemed to be running very late.

Our numbers were greater and the decision was made to block the Square's Happy Wall. Garvey and Friends had changed the message on the wall to read "Broke No Jobs". While this is a fair point, it was being said insincerely by fascists for the sake of whipping their yellow vest fodder into a frenzy. The message on the wall was changed to "No Hate".
We also decided to take a different approach for this counter-protest. Someone made bingo cards containing predicted talking points and conspiracy theories. Instead of trying to drown out Stephen Garvey and the liberal cast of people he invited to speak, we let them talk so that we could hear their points in order to mark our bingo cards. We made noise too, of course, but it was much less constant than past counter-protests. Garvey engaged in some theatrics. He produced a plunger and suggested that everyone needs to become a plumber in 2019 because Canada has become a clogged toilet. He repeated the same points many times and we eventually yelled at him to wrap it up and move along because we still had some unmarked spots on our cards. A man was invited to the podium to speak. He spoke to the counter-protest and told us the communists were not going to protect LGBTQ rights. He also bragged about how many of his fellow United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters members (Local 488) he was able to bring out for the yellow vest side. He then said that the movement had become contaminated and that he could no longer take part. The man speaking then walked off with the Nouns of Odin. 
This, it turns out, was the counter-protest orchestrated by Ryan Dean. Reading the notifications on the event page reveals the problems Dean has with Garvey: 1) Garvey thinks Canada should accept more Syrian refugees; 2) Garvey has an interest in the Muslim Brotherhood which was somehow shown by him inviting a Muslim Student Association to an anti-Islam rally; and 3) the NCA has ties to a neo-Nazi. This is especially interesting since the Soldiers of Odin was founded by a neo-Nazi and the now defunct/renamed Edmonton branch has close ties to C3 in Edmonton, who Dean has called cop callers and snitches.In a post on PATRIOT PRIDE CANADA WIDE, we can see that Dean also has a problem with Garvey being a politician.
Those who have followed the trajectory of the Soldiers of Odin in Edmonton know that they are now called the Wolves of Odin/Canadian Infidels due to the founder of the Soldiers of Odin giving them the choice of politics or the Soldiers of Odin. While Tyson Hunt, the head of the Edmonton chapter, said he was choosing Soldiers of Odin over politics, other Canadian branches believed too much damage had already been done. In an interview with Vice, Hunt claimed he was happy to leave the Soldiers of Odin because he started to question that group's racism. I can't say for certain what we witnessed when the yellow vests splintered at Churchill Square, but it seems to be two neo-Nazis fighting over who will get to use the yellow vest protestors as resources to bolster their numbers.A reminder that "Huck Greg" (or "Greg Huck") is one of Ryan Dean's (convicted on domestic assault charges) more recent pseudonyms:

None of this is entirely surprising as racists are often also misanthropes in general who can't even stand each other.
We'll see where all this leads to. If past is prologue, it will probably result in further fracturing amongst the already fractured groups which will further result in more (but smaller) groups that, in turn, will also fracture.
And these people believe they are leaders of men.

For Someone Who Claims He Doesn't Support Nazis, Travis Patron Sure Does Associate With A Lot Of Nazis

In the follow-up article to an earlier article posted to ARC regarding a planned event by Travis Patron and the Canadian Nationalist "Party", it was noted that the event had been cancelled and Patron made a not-so-subtle threat directed at myself and other anti-racist activists. Now for someone who claims to be a supporter of free speech and bristles at "being silenced" it might seem a bit hypocritical that he would look forward to "permanently silencing" me and other like me. That however presumes that Patron (and other like him) actually care about freedom expression other than as a means for his own ends.

We've seen this song and dance before:

When posting the screen shot of the threat though, I initially failed to notice one of the individuals who had commented:

Tyler Chilcott is this fella:

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Reactionary Yellow Vest Protesters Feeling Heat

It has been a while since ARC has discussed the seemingly marginally employed transient Steven Myatt, and I don't plan on going into a lot of detail. He's now living in Calgary and has unsurprisingly hooked up with local extremists, including the reactionary Yellow Vest protesters. Yesterday he posted the following urgent declaration:

Scared? Well, perhaps but not exactly in the way that he might want to believe.

The Yellow Vesters have been the subject of numerous stories in the media of late focusing on the racism of much of the membership as well as the calls to violence:

Here are a few of the more tepid examples:

I could post a lot more, but I really think readers should (if they haven't already) check out Yellow Vests Canada Exposed which has been doing an incredible job of cataloging the ugliness from the various Yellow Vests Facebook groups that have sprung up in the country:

Great article by @Jamloops - the #YellowVestsCanada Have Shot Their Credibility - #cdnpoli— Yellow Vests Canada Exposed (@VestsCanada) January 12, 2019

They certainly have the bad guys spooked:

In any case getting back to Myatt, the reaction was as one would have expected:

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SPLC releases online tool that tracks rising number of hate group flyers and banners

Southern Poverty Law Center - Fri, 01/11/2019 - 08:33
Emboldened by President Trump’s rhetoric, white supremacist groups have increased their distribution of flyers and banners in public spaces across the country, spreading racist and antisemitic propaganda and seeking to recruit new members.

Guest Article From Ottawa: “Yellow Vests” Ottawa Falling Apart Over Truck Convoy Police Talks

The Yellow Vest protests have so far attracted only a handful of people in Ottawa every Saturday and might very well be the most poorly attended in all Canada if we go by a participant-to-population ratio. As such it wouldn’t deserve too much attention, but the fact that Ottawa is set to be the goal destination of the much-anticipated truck convoy in support of the oil and gas industry made the local yellow vest organizers feel particularly important and led them to take on local logistical work. This includes opening negotiations with the police, which has turned out to be an incredible mess. Before going into this, here is a little context about the Ottawa organizers. A handful of people can be singled out as organizers, and unsurprisingly they mostly hail from the same small group of people who were involved in anti-immigration and anti-Muslim rallies over the last year. Notably, most people who were regulars at these rallies have been absent lately, including individuals who were associated to the Proud Boys, Northern Guard, Soldiers of Odin and the Christian Heritage Party. The following people have mostly taken up the slack. The camera team made up of Rick Boswick and Derek Storie were seemingly the first to jump on the yellow vest bandwagon, envisioning potential for making their anti-immigration movement more mainstream. It has been Boswick’s strategy to latch on to any movement that seems to be getting attention; for example he tried to start a “Free Tommy Ottawa” group and held a couple small rallies in support of Tommy Robinson last summer before that thing fizzled out. He latched on to the UN migration pact when that became trendy on the far-right, and now he’s wearing a yellow and can’t contain his excitement about the upcoming (?) truck convoy. His new buddy Derek Storie is also a camera guy, who accompanied him last fall when they both stayed at Kevin Johnston’s place in Mississauga to help in his mayoral campaign. 
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Weekend Read: Ask Laura

Southern Poverty Law Center - Thu, 01/10/2019 - 12:41
President Trump took to the airwaves this week to denounce people he called “illegal aliens,” thousands of whom he said were “charged or convicted of assaults, sex crimes, and violent killings.”

Weekend Read: While Pres. Trump fearmongers, Mollie Tibbetts' family opens their home to undocumented teen

Southern Poverty Law Center - Thu, 01/10/2019 - 12:41
President Trump took to the airwaves this week to denounce people he called “illegal aliens,” thousands of whom he said were “charged or convicted of assaults, sex crimes, and violent killings.”

A Problem of Epik Proportions

Southern Poverty Law Center - Thu, 01/10/2019 - 10:18
Quietly, a small domain registrar called Epik is cornering the market on websites where hate speech is thriving.

SPLC launches campaign with NAACP, other organizations to remove Confederate symbols across Georgia

Southern Poverty Law Center - Thu, 01/10/2019 - 09:56
The SPLC joined other advocacy organizations and elected officials today in demanding change to a Georgia state law that prohibits local communities from removing Confederate monuments.

Update on White Nationalist Travis Patron's Planned Toronto Event

Yesterday ARC published a story on Travis Patron's plan to hold an event to promote the Canadian Nationalist Party:

In the article I highlighted some of Patron's and his supporters' extremist views on a variety of subjects including plans to create a paramilitary organization.

Travis appears not to have cared for the article:

Can't help noticing the not-so-subtle threat there Travis. Best not
make promised that you won't be keeping.

Welllll..... it seems that isn't ALL ARC can do.

Today, Patron posted the following on the event page:

As I've written here many times before, life comes at you hard sometimes.

Texas pastor who heads anti-LGBT hate group resigns after hiring prostitutes

Southern Poverty Law Center - Wed, 01/09/2019 - 08:37
Pastor Donnie Romero, of Fort Worth-based anti-LGBT hate group Stedfast Baptist Church, resigned from the church after admitting to “sins,” including hiring prostitutes, gambling and marijuana. Fellow anti-LGBT pastor Jonathan Shelley, with Pure Words Baptist Church in Houston, was quickly brought to Fort Worth and ordained Jan. 6 at Stedfast to replace him.

"White Nationalist" Travis Patron Trying To Book Room For Speech at University of Toronto

While ARC has been critical of the mainstream media in the past for not looking deeply enough at the ideology of the far right, it has been doing a better job of late. One journalist who I've found has been consistently good though is Stewart Bell who wrote the following concerning the reactionary Yellow Vest protesters and their calls to murder politicians, particularly Prime Minister Trudeau:

Facebook reviewing comments about killing Trudeau on Canadian ‘yellow vests’ page.— Stewart Bell (@StewGlobal) January 8, 2019

It is clear that there is a toxic hatred of the political left, immigrants, refugees, FNIM, Quebecois, Muslims, Jews, people of color, homosexuals, and other groups based on a mountain of evidence gathered here and by such groups as Yellow Vests Exposed. We've also witnessed how groups such as the Soldiers/Wolves of Odin, Northern Guard, Proud Boys, and other groups as well as individuals profiled on this blog -- John Marleau, Dara Graham, Thomas Trenerry, Paul Fromm, and Joey Deluca to name a few -- are attracted to this toxicity and in many cases are using the reactionary Yellow Vests protests to promote their own bigotry.

We can add another person to that list:

I've written about Travist Patron and his Canadian Nationalist Party in the past. Much like the Islamic Party of Ontario that the right-wing is currently in a panic about, the CNP is so fringe I'm not sure that they will manage to even get the necessary signatures to become a registered political party, though this isn't to say they don't have support on the far right:

Still, they are a rather pathetic bunch who have spent a great deal of time desperately trying to be relevant:

People who have actually looked at the platform, such that it is, of the CNP view it for the joke that it is:

When he has attempted to hold meetings, they have been failures. They have either been cancelled such as this planned Toronto event that never happened....

.... turned into a farce as occurred in Winnipeg....

..... or had very few people bother to show an interest:

But don't think continual failure and humiliation is going to thwart Travis Patron, would-be fuhrer leader of the Canadian Nationalist Party:

Like the Islamic Party of Ontario, there is absolutely no danger of the Canadian Nationalist Party achieving political power. Also like the Islamic Party of Ontario however, it is worth keeping an eye on Travis Patron's vanity project since the rhetoric coming from himself, his "party", and his supporters could pose a danger to individuals and vulnerable groups influenced by his extremism.

Is Travis Patron an extremist? Well, one has to ask one's self why a person who wishes to serve in government is so secretive about his "party's" real views and membership:

Yeah.... you sort of failed there Travis.

For example, Patron et al have some pretty regressive views of the LGBTQ community that he is considering enacting:

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In Speech Tonight, Trump Won’t Talk About the Real Crisis – Asylum Seekers Being Denied Rights Under U.S. Law

Southern Poverty Law Center - Tue, 01/08/2019 - 15:13
We expect President Trump’s speech tonight to be filled with more falsehoods demonizing migrants who are seeking refuge. 

Update on Faith Goldy's Seemingly Illegal Fundraiser and Status of the Blog and the New Patreon Account

This article is all about crowd funding, beginning with Faith Goldy's attempt to raise money for her substantial legal bill. When I published on this issue, she had managed the following:

When I checked today however, she had increased that number.... well.... not by a hell of a lot:

She's going to need to sell a lot of mugs, t-shirts, and hoodies.

There is a fly in the ointment however.

The good folks at Canadaland noted last weekend that Goldy's effort to dig herself out of the financial mess that she has gotten herself into appears to be not entirely kosher (which, let's be honest, probably appeals to a significant number of her supporters.... zing!):

Faith Goldy Illegally Sells T-Shirts, Presumably to Pay Off Legal Debt— CANADALAND (@CANADALAND) January 4, 2019

Since then Goldy has stopped promoting her online shop on Twitter though the shop was still up last time I checked. Still, this might be too late. I, like I'm sure many others have done, contacted both Gearbubble and more importantly Canadian Heritage (the government website) concerning Ms. Goldy's appropriation of these symbols without the government's approval.

I have now received replies.

First, Gearbubble asked that I send my information to the legal department:

It was the government's response though that should probably concern Ms. Goldy the most:

"A number of emails regarding this matter and take these types of complaints seriously... we are in the process of addressing this issue."

Goldy may have just caused herself another headache.

*     *     *     *
ARC's observant readers have noticed by now that there is a change to the blog up at the top. Yep, I decided to create a Patreon account. I never planned to monetize the blog. In the past I've actually been offered pay for work related to the blog but refused because I felt strange about profiting from something that I did as a service.

Still, several people over the years have suggested that I create a Patreon account, stating that the work done is worth compensation. The number of those telling me this has increased over the past several months. In the end, I decided it might be worthwhile for a few reasons, two of which come immediately to mind.

  • I could pay for occasional freelance journalists. There is some really great work being done by young journalists now in the field of anti-racism, but journalism doesn't pay what it might have at one point. I sort of want to contribute to the survival of quality journalism in any way that I can.
  • I might be able to start attending conferences or meet with people who are involved in the work. I have contacts across the country now. It would be nice to meet with some of you.
In the end, whether people choose to become patrons or not, I'm still going to do the work and I really hope that people will continue to benefit from it if even in a small way. When I originally created the blog it was with the intent of keeping tabs on an especially violent hate group in Calgary. Over the years I've expanded to cover the entire country (though again my Quebec intel is still terrible) and even the occasional international story with Canadian connections. I know that journalists have used the website in their own stories including some that have made major national headlines:So even though I feel weird about the Patreon account, perhaps it can serve some good as well?
In any case, become a patron or not. I'm going to continue regardless and will always appreciate the support I've received from the readers for now more than 11 years.
Thank you.

Nathan Damigo, founder of white nationalist group Identity Evropa, files for bankruptcy protection

Southern Poverty Law Center - Mon, 01/07/2019 - 14:36
The founder of the white nationalist group Identity Evropa is seeking federal bankruptcy protection in what appears to be a pre-emptive move stemming from a lawsuit over “Unite the Right.”

"Tim vs Tim! Tim vs Tim!"

Remember this guy?

That's Timothy Reid Gavin, member of the Proud Boys from Hamilton who was involved in the rather disastrous march in the city which 'lil old ARC exposed (with a lot of help from some insiders).

Well, I guess I should have written "member of the Proud Boys" in the past tense:

Timothy Reid Gavin, Tim Kelly, Robert Jones, and a guy I can't be bothered to look up right now in happier times
We knew about Robert Jones being kicked out of the Proud Boys (MUCH more on him in a future article) but Timothy Reid Gavin being given the boot was new information. Still, he hasn't changes his spots so not surprisingly he has joined the reactionary Yellow Vests protests.

But the still equally extreme Proud Boys led by Tim "Braying Jackass" Kelly are also involved in the Yellow Vest protests which resulted in.... well, let's not beat around the bush:

I would put my money on Tim to win a fight, though Tim looks like he could take a hit from Tim pretty well, and Tim looks like he might have a bit more stamina than Tim.

I just don't know.

To the folks who managed to catch this brilliant piece of inadvertent performance art on camera which details, yet again, another example of how the far-right can't even get along with each other, I say bravo!

Conflicting Ottawa Convoy Commitments Create Controversy

In following the reactionary Yellow Vests protests in Canada, there has already been a great deal of factionalism within that movement.

Now there's trouble between adjacent movements:

Does everyone want to see a convoy go to Ottawa? Do you really want it to be successful; to win hearts and minds to our cause? Because with my experience with these things, I want to share w/ y’all what will work and what won’t. #convoy #yellowvests #giletsjaunes /1— Bernard Hancock (@ruffnecknation) January 3, 2019Hey #ruffnecknation! It’s punks like these that will ruin the Ottawa convoy. I need your help; I need trolls. Start commenting on all their stuff, start subtweeting and mocking(preferable to RT’ing). Light these dorks up. Make sure your friends know they’re imposters.— Bernard Hancock (@ruffnecknation) January 3, 2019If anyone’s questioning why I have such disdain for the #yellowvest movement and their attempts to piggyback on the legit convoy to Ottawa, plz watch today’s rallies in #reddeer #edmonton, #calgary, #medicinehat and #fortmac and the resulting media coverage.#AbLeg #grandeprairie— Bernard Hancock (@ruffnecknation) January 5, 2019
Now Bernard Hancock (who has blocked ARC's Twitter account even though I have never been in contact with him via that means) has a hate on for the reactionary Yellow Vesters even though he kind of, sort of, ran in the same crowd for some time; he was at an event organized by the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam in Calgary and an event hosted by Jeff Sharpe in Edmonton. That said I can't necessarily argue with him regarding the absolute embarrassment that the reactionary Yellow Vesters really are. However I wonder if he would even pay attention to them if not for the fact there is a Yellow Vests Canada convoy to Ottawa that is competing with the one that Hancock in involved with. Moreover, the Yellow Vests convoy Go Fund Me has already raised substantially more (in the $60,000 range) than the "official" convoy to Ottawa rally Hancock has raised (around $11,000 last time I checked).
Bernard isn't pleased:

The link to the article Hancock posted can be found here.
More from this thread:

This has resulted in a rather robust discussion:

Now I can't say one way or another whether or not Hancock's suggestions are accurate, but it isn't as if this would be the first time someone involved in the reactionary Yellow Vests protest was proven to be dishonest.

For example, Tyler Malenfant, the founder and administrator of the biggest reactionary Yellow Vests social media site, is once again claiming that the antisemitic and racist rhetoric he posted online in 2015 which ARC covered then wasn't him even though it was CLEARLY him. His lies are especially transparent in the "Edmonton Star" article published Friday that focused on extremism within the reactionary Yellow Vests movement:The Yellow Vests Canada Facebook page lists a “Tyler Malenfant” as its administrator. The same Facebook profile was used to post comments on an Al Jazeera news article about a Jewish conspiracy to “destroy” Christianity and replace North America’s white majority through a concerted effort of mass migration. When asked about his comments on the news article, the user of the profile deleted the comments and denied they ever existed. The user said the screenshots StarMetro took were fake.I'll get back to this article in a moment, but recently I received a number of screen shots from the group Malenfant administers that I'd like to share:Read more »

Far Right Losing Collective Mind Over Islamic Party of Ontario Attempt To Register As An Official Party

Imagine that a political party has emerged which condemns secularism and the separation of church and state, promotes the recriminalization of homosexuality, strong censorship of what it deems to be blasphemous, adherence to strict gender rolls, and which advocates the for their religious views to become the law of the land. In Canada, that has been a reality since 1987 when the Christian Heritage Party emerged.

A year after it came into existence, the CHP won 102,533 votes in the 1988 federal election. Since that time support for the CHP has declined; after temporarily losing official part status they won 10,110 votes in the 2000 election while their lowest vote tally with party status was 15,284 in 2015. Still, the party remains and will likely run in the next federal election on this platform, choice portions of which I've included below:

In general, most Canadians recognize the CHP and other similar religious based parties that have come and gone as being on the political fringes with no real chance of attaining power on their own. Of course this doesn't preclude other groups and individuals who hold similar views from influencing mainstream political parties:

Still, political parties such as the CHP are generally ignored as being rather irrelevant.
Such is also the case for the relatively new Islamic Party of Ontario, a group so fringe that it barely has an online presence:

Not yet a political party, should they ever run candidates the Islamic Party of Ontario will have likely even less of an impact than the CHP has in Canada; I can't imagine the IPO breaking 1000 votes in all of the province. That said based on what little there is online their positions are as extreme as that of the CHP. One thing that is certain is that the current leadership (and perhaps only member) of the IPO is a fan of what Doug Ford has done in the province of Ontario already:

Basically, a social conservative party that is similar to that of the CHP. In fact if you were to replace "Bible" with "Quran" in the CHP platform and vice versa for the the limited amount of information on the IPO, they would be almost indistinguishable. 
However this hasn't stopped the far-right Islamophobes from losing their shit:
Goldy's claim regarding the founding of the IPO may not be true as I
remember a news article that predate Goldy's and Loomer's stunt by a
few months.... though damn if I can find it now.

I might note here that of the 82 people who were following the Islamic Party of Ontario Twitter account, fully half of them appear to be conservatives and right-wing nationalists who oppose the fringe party including Goldy....

.... and Georgeanne Burke who has been featured twice on the blog:

There is also this woman who has followed the account and who has posted and retweeted some rather incendiary comments:

Two are of special concern. Islamophobe Eric Brazau has created a caricature of a Muslim extremists that he has been using spread his hatred; Ms. Forbes re-tweeted a video in which he makes incendiary comments without questioning the source:

In another tweet she suggests that she is ready to use violence to oppose not just the political party but Islam in general and a desire to join the virulently Islamophobic III% militia:

I might also mention that she's okay with Dara "Nazi Mom" Graham and her involvement with the reactionary Yellow Vests Canada protests:
I can't help noticing that a video lasting several minutes has been edited to include only 8 seconds.

Now all of this would be the reaction that one might expect from the equally fringe far-right. Unfortunately, enablers in both the media and politics have decided to magnify the issue for their own rather cynical purposes.
First Tarek Fatah who writes for the "Toronto Sun" wrote a hyperbolic article about the founding of the fringe party (not the one he linked to in the screen shot below). A man who appears to treat every Islamophobic conspiracy theory with credulity, Fatah also couldn't help injecting himself into the story:Read more »