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Much current academic work has focused on the criminal aspects of hate groups and this has resulted in a very narrow understanding of hate groups and the growth of them as a social movement. The assumption has been that racism and hate are based on genetic or cultural responses to difference. This, of course, results in a failure to be able to explain why individuals from similar backgrounds may choose hate, while others do not. It also fails to explain social change over time towards different cultures. The reduction of hate to cultural difference or genetics results in a total failure to address the re-birth of fascism. Recent state sponsored research favors calling fascism just extremism. In this view, fascism is equivalent to progressive protests against racists, or as Trump would have it - there's good on both sides! This view has resulted in a total failure to understand and address the rise of racism and hate as a social movement.

This websites focuses on hate groups as  a social movement and examines the convergence between racist and fascist ideology and the mainstream.. This is a critical area of research that has been ignored by many academics who have focused on the criminal justice system and hate crime. The website also addresses how to help resolve the "addiction to hate." We note that even when people leave hate groups, they may still be affected by far right and fascist ideology at the basis of the hate group movement. Our research is based on extensive interviews with hate group leaders and followers before and after recruitment to hate. 

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Hate Crime Watch

Report Hate Online If you have information about a hate crime, report it at info@stopracism.ca. WARNING: There are a number of FB pages and websites advertising help from former members of hate groups. We DO NOT endorse the individuals responsible for these websites and urge caution. Some of our interviews with former racists can be found on Youtube or write info@stopracism.ca.

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