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Fear and loathing on the streets: the Soldiers of Odin and the rise of anti-refugee vigilantes

In 2016, hate travels fast. News that the Soldiers of Odin were conducting vigilante patrols in Melbourne’s CBD coincided with reports of renewed activity by the group in Canada, a widening presence in the United States, as well as ongoing incidents at their point of origin, in Europe.

Another incurable ugly disease: Far-right populism

Scientists have successfully fashioned a vaccine that may inoculate the world against future outbreaks of Ebola - an ugly, insidious and incurable disease. News of the life-saving breakthrough comes as a relief for a few obvious and not so obvious reasons.

First, of course, the vaccine will be a tangible tool to finally avert the slow, merciless deaths of countless people and the courageous souls who tend to the gravely sick in parts of the world where preventable death remains, sadly, all too common.

What is the alt-right and what does it stand for?

Although largely confined to websites, online media forums and social media, the alternative right, or alt-right, came into the spotlight during the US election campaign and appears to have been energised by Donald Trump's electoral victory.

In November, media attention honed in on the alt-right when, during a speech at the National Policy Institute Conference in Washington DC, white nationalist Richard Spencer chanted "Hail Trump, hail our people, hail victory!" as the audience gave Nazi-like salutes.

Senator's defence of residential schools akin to excusing Holocaust, NDP MP says

An attempt by Conservative Senator Lynn Beyak to paint the residential school system as "well-intentioned" is akin to defending actions taken by Adolf Hitler against the Jewish people in the Second World War, NDP MP and residential schools survivor Roméo Saganash said Thursday.

"It equals saying what Hitler did to the Jewish [people] was good, that he wasn't ill-intentioned in doing what he did. So, that's why it's unacceptable," Saganash said in an interview with CBC News outside the House of Commons.

ANALYSIS Anti-Islamophobia debate might define both Liberals and Conservatives

Appearing before reporters earlier this week to explain that the Liberal government would be putting its authority behind a Liberal MP's motion calling for a parliamentary condemnation and study of Islamophobia, Heritage Minister Melanie Joly said a "question of leadership" was at hand.

She returned to the theme Thursday as she explained why the Liberals would not support a Conservative counter-proposal that drops references to Islamophobia in favour of a general focus on religious discrimination.

Supporters, critics clash at Montreal protest over federal Islamophobia motion

Far right groups in Quebec joined forces Saturday under the banner of their opposition to a proposed parliamentary motion condemning Islamophobia, taking part in a series of demonstrations across the province.

The largest crowds were in Montreal where some 150 protestors were confronted by a counter-protest around twice that size organized by a so-called anti-fascist alliance.

ANALYSIS: Quebec's far right looks for show of strength one month after mosque attack

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